Allison Gears Up for Production of New Transmissions

Allison Transmission is gearing up to start production in 2013 of a range of new products it has announced over the course of this year, including the new Allison TC10 TS automatic transmission for Class 8 tractors, along with the Allison Hybrid H 3000 transmission for medium-duty commercial trucks.

The company added that it also plans to roll out its fifth generation of electronic controls as well.

The Allison Hybrid H 3000 transmission functions within a parallel hybrid architecture that supplies blended power from a conventional diesel engine and stored energy from batteries, along with a regenerative braking kinetic energy recovery system. The company said fuel savings are projected to range from 25% to 35%, depending on vocation and duty cycle.

The company said its fifth- generation electronic controls will replace fourth-generation controls on its Allison 1000, 2000, 3000 and 4000 Series transmissions and are incorporated in the new TC10 TS and H 3000 models.

Finally, Allison said it expects to expand its presence in the hybrid truck market in 2013 via the non-controlling equity stake it acquired in Odyne Systems LLC this past July.

“Odyne Systems’ expertise and experience in the development and manufacture of advanced hybrid control systems made them an attractive partner,” said Lawrence Dewey, Allison’s chairman, president & CEO.

“I believe commercial vehicle operators who require a clean and sustainable stationary power source will appreciate the features and benefits that Odyne and Allison bring to the industry,” he added.

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