Kentucky Trailer announces new innovations for 2014

Kentucky  Trailer, has introduced several new features to its custom trailers for  the moving and storage industry.  

The new specs will be available on all 2014 moving and storage  trailer models in an effort to address demand for maximum cubic capacity,  customization, and value. They will include:

•Dual-function mini-LED lights that  will be installed on all 2014 models.   The lights are designed to improve visibility and enhance safety. They  are built for a 50,000-hour life, are seven times brighter, provide improved  straight and angled visibility, and draw less amperage.

• A user-friendly exterior light  replacement kit.

• An improved nose box switch  features a long-life LED that uses less power. 

• Additionally, a new top rail  with an internal raceway will protect wires from damage and external elements.   

The rear header lights and  clearance lamps will also utilize the new, dual function mini-LED lights,  offering an advanced notice of stops and turns to following traffic.

  •  Door hinges and side door pans will now contain an anodized finish. This will  prevent seizing, increase product life, and protect against causes of corrosion  such as magnesium and calcium chloride.

  •  Painted door hinges and side door pans are also available to complement each  trailer's appearance.

  •  Improved corner castings will enhance structural integrity on all 2014 models,  providing water penetration protection and impact resistance.

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