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A glimpse of new trailer products

THIRTEEN TTMA associate members delivered news about their companies’ trailer-related products and services during the TTMA convention.

This year’s convention had two such sessions on the program during which each of the participants had four minutes to explain their product and its benefits.

Here are the 13 who offered an update:


New RAR-266 suspension from Ridewell

Ridewell Suspensions has launched the new RAR-266 Series trailer air ride suspension, a completely new product that is designed to provide an optimal balance of light weight and value, Rick Rickman said.

A 5¾’’ large diameter axle with short brake cams is used to minimize weight and increase strength. The unique design of the suspension structure further reduces weight and takes advantage of the robotic production process to reduce cost. The captured axle design ensures a durable axle connection and is an important part of the strength of the overall assembly. 

Some key features:

  • Shear-type pivot bolt. Simple to install, this high-strength fastener automatically applies the required clamping force, with no torque wrench or re-torque required.
  • Securelok pivot nut. The Securelok helps to maintain pivot clamping force. This unitized nut, washer, and internal locking device is highly resistant to loosening under vibration.
  • Premium rubber bushing. Superior performance at the critical pivot connection with a solid rubber narrow bushing or industry standard multifunctional wide bushing.
  • Lightweight air spring. With composite piston and bumper.
  • Large diameter axle. Allows for reduced weight and increased strength. Comes with enclosed, short cams.
  • Captured axle connection. Trailing arms attached to window-weld sleeve for a low-stress axle connection.

Additional features: weld-on or bolt-on mounting available; lift kit available; integrated height control valve kit available; integrated shock absorber mounting; and galvanized hanger available.

Initial offerings include both narrow and wide pivot bushing models as well as 23k and 25k capacities.


Cargill has 75 businesses in four segments

Michael Straughn said Cargill Metals Supply has 142,000 worldwide employees in 67 countries and is one of the world’s largest private companies, founded in 1865, with headquarters in Minneapolis.

Cargill Metals Supply is an international producer and marketer of food, agricultural, financial and industrial products and services, with 75 businesses in these four areas.

It has $136.6 billion in revenue, equal to 10th in the US Fortune 500 and 28th in the Global Fortune 500. He said it is financially stable, with A2 (Moody’s) and A (S&P) long-term debt ratings.

Cargill is composed of 75 businesses organized around four major segments:

  • Agricultural. It buys, processes, and distributes grain, oilseeds, and other commodities to makers of food and animal nutrition products. It also provides crop and livestock producers with products and services.
  • Food. It provides food and beverage manufacturers, food-service companies, and retailers with high-quality ingredients, meat and poultry products, and health-promoting ingredients and ingredient systems.
  • Financial. It provides its agricultural, food, financial, and energy customers around the world with risk-management and financial solutions.
  • Industrial. It serves industrial users of energy, salt, starch, and steel products, and also develops and markets sustainable products made from agricultural feedstocks.

Straughn said Cargill Metals Supply’s vision is to the premier customer-focused trading business in the energy, transportation, and metals space. Its US metals supply chain provides market access: strong relationships with mines, mills, and steel consumers, providing partners and customers with market access and liquidity and enabling them to sell or source qualitative products regionally and globally. 


 Hennecke refines foam production

John Tolley said Hennecke Inc has developed a new method of foamed panel production using Continuous Open Panel Pouring.

As the open panel travels into the press, the foam is poured into the panel. This method allows better foam distribution and is able to pour around doors and openings.

The air is pushed out of the panel end by a wall of rising foam and avoids over packing and trapped air. A shorter cycle time is needed and pouring is controlled by the PLC. Operator error is removed from the process. This method can be retrofitted to an existing horizontal press.

Continuous pouring with the MT style mixhead gives better foam distribution and product quality and lower cycle times; eliminates human error; lower labor costs; and is proven technology used in building panel production. This technology is available in new and retrofits of existing equipment.

He said Hennecke has been a pioneer of high-pressure polyurethane processing machines and technologies since the early 1940s, when German entrepreneur and machine builder Karl Hennecke became fascinated with the possibilities and opportunities presented by an interesting new material—polyurethanes—that had been invented just a few years earlier.

Hennecke’s vision was to create machines that streamline polyurethane processing by eliminating production bottlenecks and decreasing production costs, particularly by minimizing raw material waste.

Soon after founding his company, Hennecke introduced the world’s first high-pressure mixing machine, an innovative apparatus that quickly injected fast-reacting polyurethane raw materials into a mold, which allowed part manufacturers to offer their customers high-quality molded parts with performance characteristics possible only through the unique chemistries of fast-reacting polyurethane systems.

That first high-pressure mixing machine was the first entry in Hennecke’s history of working closely with processors and users around the world to develop new machines and processing concepts to replace conventional materials and processing.

Today’s polyurethane slab foam and custom parts producers can choose from Hennecke’s wide range of standard and custom machines designed to streamline the manufacturing process and deliver high-quality foam slabs and parts efficiently and in any volume desired.

The Hennecke HK Series comprises modular, configurable systems for small- to large-volume operations complete with the latest innovation in metering pumps—a production-enhancing mix of state-of-the-art mixheads and intelligent automation. Hennecke’s high-pressure line also includes the Topline HT Series for dispensing filled-PUR systems, the Microline Series for precisely metering very small outputs for operations such as PUR casting or spraying, the Streamline Series for delivering all common matrix systems used in producing fiber composite parts, the Highline Series for two-component operations, and extremely compact QFOAM lines that offer all the advantages of high-pressure processing in an economical alternative to low-pressure operations.

Low-pressure metering machines Hennecke also offers its customizable state-of-the-art low-pressure ELASTOLINE metering systems for delivering high-viscosity raw materials to manufacture cast elastomer components or thermoformable foam parts. These are flexible, modular systems which can be configured for any application. For the discontinuous production of high-quality open cell slabstock foams, Hennecke offers its HK-R 500 machine. High-pressure mixheads Proper mixhead technology is critical to precise polyurethane processing. Drawing on decades of mixhead development expertise, Hennecke makes custom mixheads (apart from a few standard parts) in its own manufacturing facilities.

Hennecke can design the appropriate mixhead for almost any application, whether standard or custom, for producing rigid, flexible, integral, filling or energy-absorbing foam. Hennecke offers mixheads of variable sizes and injector shapes that feature a comprehensive range of accessories to suit almost any imaginable application.


Accuride fights corrosion with coating

Accuride has introduced Steel Armor, which Drew Hofley calls a “revolutionary new coating technology.”

He said corrosion is a big problem. Chemicals used today to clear roads of snow and ice are more effective because they are more corrosive. The ATA Technology and Maintenance Council estimates that corrosion is a $4 billion problem for fleets. CSA magnifies the need for fleets to find a solution to this problem.

He said excess paint on refinished wheels poses a potential safety hazard and Steel Armor is the solution. It employs a proprietary three-phase protection process that fights corrosion and improves the look and life of every steel wheel Accuride sells.

It all starts with a formula of tri-metal zinc phosphate—the same fundamental high-performance chemistry used by leading automakers—which prepares the metal for maximum adhesion. Next, Accuride applies a new enhanced cathodic epoxy electrocoat (E-coat) optimized for sharp edge and overall corrosion protection. Finally, they spray on an exacting application of premium Powder Top Coat, formulated exclusively for Accuride to meet the tough demands of the heavy truck environment.

Accuride made a $6.5 million investment in a state-of-the-art coating system, converting in January to a 100% powder coat finish in Henderson, Kentucky, and Monterrey, Mexico.

“Steel Armor leapfrogs existing wheel coating technology for commercial vehicles,” Hofley said. “It’s an exclusive new formula for epoxy E-coat primer with sharp-edge protection and exclusive powder coat formulation. It’s a vertically integrated core competency, whereas our primary competitor outsources wheel coating. We have standardized paint/chemical supply and key processing methods across all steel wheel facilities.”

He said Accuride’s coating technology restricts the growth of corrosion by blocking it at the point of entry, when gouges, chips, scrapes and scratches expose the bare metal. Any exposed area allows rust to penetrate, spread, and destroy the underlying steel surface. He said other wheel coatings don’t stop corrosion from spreading across the wheel’s entire metal surface.

Hofley said Steel Armor enables fleets to defer their first wheel refinishing cost by at least two years, providing an estimated $630,000 in savings for a 1000-unit fleet.


New Marker Lamp from Truck-Lite

Truck-Lite Co LLC has added the LED Dual Function Marker Lamp to its 33 Series line. Jon Stineman said this new sleekly designed lamp is the world’s smallest marker lamp for the transportation industry and meets all legal marker requirements.

The new 33 Series LED Dual Function Marker Lamp works as a marker, auxiliary turn, and auxiliary stop when properly installed. Its auxiliary brake and turn function is best in class with an increased illumination output that is seven times brighter than the marker function. These auxiliary lamps are typically installed on the top rail of the trailer in order to supplement the required stop and turn lamps while meeting the identification and clearance lamp requirements of FMVSS-108. This additional feature offers increased safety by providing more visibility when braking or turning.

Backed by Truck-Lite’s limited Lifetime Warranty, the 33 Series LED Dual Function Marker Lamp was engineered to withstand tough working environments. The electronics are securely sealed in epoxy to resist corrosion and moisture. The lens and housing are made of heavy-duty polycarbonate material that will hold up against environmental hazards.

A standard 0.75” mounting hole is required for installation. The hard-wired lamp features 0.180 male bullet design that can be easily retrofitted. The new 33 Series LED Dual Function Marker Lamp has grommet or flange mounting which provides a versatile installation benefit.

Contact your local Truck-Lite representative for more information about the new 33 Series Dual Function Marker Lamp.


 SAF-Holland’s Auto-PosiLift helping fleets

SAF-Holland has developed SAF CBX40 with Auto-PosiLift, which Detlef Borghardt says is improving the bottom line for delivery fleets that experience diminishing loads in their daily operations.

“Fleets like PepsiCo’s and Target’s run trucking operations where progressive offloading creates substantial load variations throughout the course of every trucking run,” Borghardt said. “The Auto-PosiLift system is perfect for such environments, and it functions without requiring any additional action by the driver.”

The CBX40 with Auto-PosiLift was initially developed for multi-stop beverage distribution fleets. Other varying load fleet operations such as LTL, fleets back hauling empty, and food service may also reap the benefits of fuel savings, reduced tire wear, and reduced toll charges.

The combination of the CBX PosiLift axle lift feature with the ECU and air valve system creates a lift axle with automatic operation that complies with DOT regulations. The system is programmed to read the air pressure in the rear axle air springs each time a delivery or pick-up is made. Without driver interaction, the system determines to automatically raise the front axle or keep the front axle in the down position.

For example, throughout the course of daily deliveries, a company’s load eventually diminishes to a point where the total weight capacity of a closed tandem axle suspension is no longer required to carry the load, thus allowing the front axle of the tandem suspension to be raised. The opposite is also true. Think of an LTL carrier making pick-ups through the day with his front axle up. At some point, the trailer will get enough payload to warrant leaving the axle down for the balance of the trip. Operating with the tandem suspension with the front axle raised increases fuel efficiency, vehicle tire life, suspension component life, and brake/wheel-end service intervals.

The system is set up so that when the trailer brakes are pulled and/or the truck is turned off, both axles are always on the ground. When the truck is started and/or the brakes released, a sensor system determines air pressure, and if enough load has come off the trailer, the front axle will automatically come off the ground to provide four inches of ground clearance.

That takes it out of driver’s hands to have to try to figure out when the axle should be lifted, because they could get it wrong, and if they lift it early, they could be too heavy on the down axle, resulting in damage and/or even overweight infractions.

This year, PepsiCo’s Senior Director Fleet, Shelby Green, accepted Heavy Duty Trucker Magazine’s prestigious Truck Fleet Innovator Award for 2014. Green was honored for revamping PepsiCo’s fleet to dry van applications spec’d to include SAF-HOLLAND’S unique SAF CBX40 with Auto-PosiLift system.


 Hendrickson unveils new slider system

Hendrickson Trailer Commercial Vehicle Systems has launched VANTRAAX ULTRAA-K, which Perry Bahr said is the industry’s strongest and lightest slider system for the van and refrigerated trailer markets.

“Hendrickson has infused thoughtful, innovative designs into every aspect of the ULTRAA-K system,” Bahr said. “From the slider box to ZMD Zero Maintenance Damping to pivoting mud flap brackets, ULTRAA-K is a high-performance system that allows fleets to experience superior ride quality while carrying more cargo per load and keeping trailers on the road and out of maintenance bays.”

He said it’s a powerful combination of lightweight durability and is stronger than VANTRAAX-HD models and lighter than any other slider system in the industry by nearly 100 pounds. The high-tech, hot-dip coating process allows Hendrickson to back ULTRAA-K with a 10-year structural corrosion warranty, which he said is “unmatched in today’s marketplace.”

“Exclusive, patent-pending features further elevate the ULTRAA-K’s elite status among air slider systems,” he said. “Instead of shock absorbers, ULTRAA-K uses ZMD Zero Maintenance Damping air springs for suspension damping. With no moving parts, these unique air springs are designed to provide uniform and consistent damping levels over their lifespan.

“Since the air spring’s damping capacity does not degrade or diminish over time like a shock absorber, ZMD air springs outperform shocks in the areas of ride quality, cargo protection, downtime and maintenance costs. ZMD reduces the risks associated with roadside tickets and CSA violations associated with leaky or misting shocks. Additionally, the robust, covered chain down-stops protect the suspension and trailer when lifting the unit for rail transfer.”

He said innovative features like pivoting mud flap brackets are standard on ULTRAA-K and offer additional value to fleets seeking reliability and less maintenance. This unique feature is only available on ULTRAA-K and can drastically reduce costs associated with damaged mud flaps and mud flap mounting angles.

For additional information on the VANTRAAX ULTRAA-K, visit www.hendrickson-intl.com or contact Hendrickson Trailer Commercial Vehicle Systems at 1-866-RIDEAIR (743-3247).


Peterson expands LumenX LED line

Pat Clift said Peterson Manufacturing has expanded its LumenX LED line with a “revolutionary” S/T/T light featuring an integrated back-up lamp. Dubbed a “cyclops style” by Peterson design engineers, the new model embeds a small white lens within the main red LumenX lens, allowing one of the seven diodes to provide DOT-legal back-up functionality—a true two-in-one lighting concept.

All LumenX Series lights from reds to ambers to back-ups feature the latest white-diode LEDs and breakthrough optics engineered to fully illuminate the entire lens––no “hot spots” or “dead zones” regardless of viewing angle.

Clift said Peterson’s unique vertical integration drives the company’s success in innovating lighting solutions such as this new LumenX model.

Like other models in Peterson’s LumenX LED Series, the new two-in-one lights are available in standard 4” round and 6” oval footprints, with grommet or flange mounting options. When used in pairs, the new two-in-one lights meet DOT requirements in any orientation.

Peterson Manufacturing engineers and produces a complete line of vehicle safety lighting, custom wiring harnesses, and many other safety-related products. As an ISO 9001:2008 certified company, Peterson Manufacturing is a key subsidiary of Peterson Corporation, nine highly specialized companies and nearly 1000 associates working in global transportation-related industries. Peterson Manufacturing is a privately held company and has been in operation since 1945.

It is headquartered in a 670,000-square-foot facility located in Grandview, Missouri, a suburb of Kansas City. This facility houses management, sales, engineering, R&D, manufacturing and assembly, purchasing, shipping, receiving, and warehousing departments.

Peterson maintains a 97% fill-rate and order-turnaround of three-to-five days.

Peterson officially opened its doors in 1945 as a small company specializing in manufacturing safety lighting for the automotive aftermarket. Over the past 60 years, Peterson has introduced a host of innovations including stainless steel housings that won’t rust, the Vibar socket, and Piranha Light Emitting Diodes (LEDs).

Peterson was one of the first 40 manufacturers in the entire United States to obtain ISO 9001/QS-9000 registration, and was the very first US vehicle safety lighting manufacturer to obtain this.


Deflecto features diverse portfolio

Mark Stoll said Deflecto LLC designs, manufactures, and markets plastic-extruded, fabricated, vacuum-form, sonic- welded and injection-molded products such as office organization, air-distribution products, truck/auto reflectors and lenses, warning triangles, mud flaps, as well as aluminum duct for dryer venting.

The Ohio location is the largest manufacturer in the world of extruded chairmats for the office products and furniture industries.

The Deflecto LLC Group consists of eight entities and is a part of the $2 billion Jordan Group of companies.

It has two US distribution centers: Indianapolis/Fishers, with 165,000 square feet (39,000 manufacturing, 86,000 warehouse, 40,000 office), 100 hourly and 45 salaried employees, and 18 injection molding presses; and East Tennessee, with 93,000 square feet in two facilities and 35 employees. It also has a 71,000-sq-ft distribution center in Canada and a satellite center in China with 224,000 square feet, 650 employees, and 37 injection molding presses.

Its manufacturing capabilities include sheet extrusion, profile extrusion, injection molding, metal stamping, sonic welding, die cutting, hot stamping, and assembly.

Deflecto makes AeroPro Splash Guards, plain and custom logo splash guards for trucks, trailers, dozers, cement, and dump bodies. ProFlex Rubber Splash Guards are heavy-duty recycled rubber-olefinic hybrid material and can be hot-stamped with a custom logo or other popular image or message.

Stoll said the Eco-Flex guards are an affordable alternative to molded Chevrons and have a tough recycled material and printable surface, while the Poly Splash Guards are made of high-quality polymeric materials and elastomeric resins that provide resistance to cracking and breaking.

New products include safety warning flags, available in strong, lightweight fray resistant polyester, and models available with reliable bungee hooks, reinforced grommets, or wooden dowels; and OSL/WL banners, available in mesh, vinyl/vinyl polyester, and reflective materials.

Deflecto was founded in 1960, in the basement of CP Meyer’s home, where he invented the first air deflector.

His idea was to develop something that would help prevent factory compressors from freezing up. It didn’t take long to realize his new invention could have a major impact personal home comfort as well. He knew that by deflecting air away from windows and from under furniture, heating and cooling efficiency and comfort could be maximized.


Alcoa sheds weight with alloy

Alcoa Wheel has introduced the Ultra ONE Wheel with Magna­Force alloy.

Todd Hershberger said it has unmatched strength and unbeatable weight. By utilizing new MagnaForce alloy, Alcoa shed five pounds of overall weight from its 22.5” x 8.25” wheel, so each one weighs only 40 pounds. Add it up to save nearly another 100 pounds per rig.

The 14” wide-base wheel is now four pounds lighter. It’s still the lightest, and now even lighter at just 54 pounds. Convert and save up to 1400 pounds.

 Hershberger said Alcoa aluminum wheels increase payload, reduce fuel consumption and greenhouse emissions, and lower operating costs.

More information at www.alcoawheels.com, by calling 1-800-242-9898 or following on Twitter @AlcoaWheels.


US Liner developing composite materials

Jeff Meek said US Liner Company is the leading manufacturer of advanced, thermoplastic composite materials for a broad range of applications, and introduced the first application of glass-reinforced, engineered composite liners to the trucking industry in 1998.

“Trailer builders trust composites from US Liner to provide unmatched durability, wear and impact resistance,” he said. “They turn to US Liner as the source for innovative solutions that protect their investment. New, value-added products—like Bulitex Hybrid Translucent Roof, thermally-fused Versitex Integral Wall, and Bent Edge Panels for sheet and post trailers—provide added protection at an affordable cost. That’s why, mile after mile, US Liner protects more rigs than all of our competitors combined.

“Our applications engineers and sales staff are recognized for superior customer support. We help customers rethink their assumptions about composite sheet applications and work to introduce new technologies to expand applications in environmentally conscious ways.

Our materials are engineered to perform better. Stronger than steel, aluminum and plywood alternatives, our lightweight materials reduce overall vehicle weight, meaning more miles per gallon.”

To learn more about the company’s complete range of high-performance thermoplastic composites, visit www.USLCO.com or phone 1-800-USLINER (1-800-875-4637).


Two new products from Stemco

Stemco, an EnPro Industries Company, has introduced the Defender Hubcap and Aeris by Stemco.

The Defender features a seamless molding process which creates a leak-free body-to-window seal, Bob Montgomery said.

The Defender also features a molded-in sealing ring for maximized cap-to-hub sealing and contamination resistance, as well as rugged stainless steel inserts that create a corrosion-free hub cap.

The Defender is available with several venting technologies, including Stemco’s Sentinel technology. Sentinel provides contamination resistance, a tamper-proof wheel end and the ability to combine Stemco PPS+7 components for a seven-year OEM parts and labor warranty.

Aeris SmartSense is an automatic tire inflation system that informs drivers and mechanics which wheel end is, or was, taking air, reducing the time needed to identify and repair leaks in trailers, and getting drivers back on the road more quickly. Aeris SmartSense includes a zero-power display, which indicates, even without power to the trailer, which wheel ends required inflation on the previous powered trip.

The Aeris SmartSense driver alert system is an upgrade from a standard driver warning light in that it is equipped with LED indicators that inform the driver and maintenance team which wheel ends have taken air and which are frequently taking air. 

The system is also equipped with a radio frequency link between the Aeris control box and the driver-warning lamp that can eliminate the need for the fleet maintenance crew to install a hardwire link. 

For more information on STEMCO Aeris SmartSense technology, visit http://www.stemco.com/product/aeris-smartsense/. 


Rockland unveils three new products

Chris Wolford introduced three new products from Rockland Flooring: Pound Saver composite floor, Grip Guard top coating, and Floor Saver undercoating.

Pound Saver floors are engineered to haul more, weigh less, and last longer, thanks to a patented design. Wolford said it’s a lightweight floor that performs like a heavyweight.

He said the Pound Saver is stronger than standard oak flooring, thanks to reinforcing fibers that are incorporated into the floor design. Pound Saver floors increase working life by reducing floor fatigue that can occur after years of service. The proprietary membrane shields the underside of the floor from water, salt, and gravel that can lead to costly floor repairs. It’s lighter than standard oak and can save up to 323 pounds over standard oak flooring based on the configuration.

The new Grip Guard top coating is specifically designed for fleets looking to protect their flooring investment and make a safer work environment.

Wolford said it reduces effects of moisture and ultimately improves floor life. It has a tough surface that protects wood from moisture and chemicals that can alter floor integrity. He said its barrier is five times better than standard oak and outperforms it 2-1 in abrasion testing. That results in lower maintenance costs and longer floor life. Every Grip Guard floor has a traction component built in and designed to create a safer work environment in the trailer.

Floor Saver undercoating is a vinyl polymer-based undercoating designed to provide maximum protection. Long exposure to water can lead to rot. Floor saver outperforms traditional undercoating in every category by guarding floors that are most vulnerable with an anti-fungal component that protects the integrity of wood and protects from decay over time.

Rockland Flooring offers:

  • Special profiles. Because it is a manufacturer, Rockland has the ability to produce almost any profile needed.
  • Custom packaging. Some customers or jobs require special packaging. Rockland can offer several different options or will sort and package to specifications.
  • Transportation services. Rockland works closely with several major transportation companies that can provide transportation via flatbed, van, or LTL. Drop ships are also available.
  • Distribution and warehousing. With four manufacturing plants in the Midwest and warehouses in Los Angeles and Mobile, Alabama, Rockland has the ability to custom design a program.
  • Undercoating. For both imported and domestic flooring.
  • Design services. Not sure exactly what you need? The staff can help determine the right product for your application and develop computer-generated renderings of your concept in a variety of formats. ♦






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