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FTR July trailer orders

FTR Intel: Trailer orders bounce back, reach 9,000 units in July

Trailer orders rebounded from a dismal June, with FTR Intel’s preliminary report indicating manufacturers received orders for 9,000 units in July.

That’s a 61% increase from the previous month—but still 68% less than July 2018, FTR said.

“The July order volumes continue to demonstrate a possible return to normalcy in the equipment markets,” said Don Ake, FTR vice president of commercial vehicles. “The low total is representative of a typical slow summer order month, and is very close to the July 2016 number.”

Orders continue to trickle in slowly this summer after a record run during the second half of last year, FTR maintained. Van fleets already have their orders in for 2019 and have not started ordering for 2020. And although production remains at near-record levels, some easing of build rates is expected as backlogs fall to where they were at the start of 2018.

Trailer orders for the past 12 months now total 324,000 units.

“Orders should stay subdued in August but start to revive in September, as fleets determine their needs for next year,” Ake said. “The environment remains uncertain, with freight growth slowing and the tariff situation in flux.”

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