D-TEC Producing New Container Carrier

Trailer producer D-TEC unveiled its latest  model, the D-TEC Container Carrier, a simple rigid chassis for 40 feet.

  “We also supply variants of this model for  20 ft central, 2x20ft and 45ft worldwide. Our container trailers are always  adapted to the demands of the local market,” said general manager Gerrit van  Vlastuin.

Since 2012, D-TEC has regularly presented new container trailer models. For  example, the new S-line Flexitrailer, which had lost 400 kilograms in weight,  was displayed at the RAI in 2012. At the IAA (September 2012), D-TEC presented  the Portmaster (a simple container chassis only the rear section of which is  telescopic) and the Flexitrailer Traction (with maximum traction of the driven  axle with a 20 ft container loaded onto the rear). The Flexitrailer Traction  even won the international “Innovation Award 2013” in the Chassis category.     

“We have developed this broad range of containers on the basis of the  multifunctional Flexitrailer, the lightest in the market,” Van Vlastuin said.  “Our range now varies from multifunctional to rigid and from budget versions to  luxury models. This enables us to serve the entire market.”     

All D-TEC models are striking due to their low dead weight, the robust design  and simple operation. Simplicity is a high priority at D-TEC, in both  construction and operation. The container chassis therefore contain very few  service components and this makes them inexpensive to maintain.

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