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Pressure Systems International’s 2010 Sales Up 198%

Pressure Systems International, the manufacturer of the Meritor Tire Inflation System (MTIS) by PSI, has reported record sales through the third quarter of 2010. Overall 2010 sales for the company have increased 198% over 2009 with domestic sales to trailer manufacturers continuing to increase.

A significant portion of PSI’s sales in 2010 are for existing trailer retrofits. Said Debra Moore, Regional Sales Manager for PSI, “The more trailers outfitted with MTIS, the more savings a fleet can realize through better fuel economy and improved tire wear. Retrofitting MTIS to existing trailers is very simple and an economical way to realize those savings. PSI sales through September do not include an order for 10,000 retrofit kits received from a major fleet late in the third quarter.”

MTIS with ThermALERT, the patented wheel-end heat-sensing warning device available only with MTIS, now accounts for 41% of PSI’s production.

The ThermALERT technology is becoming very popular with safety-conscious fleets that use automatic tire-inflation systems. James Burg Trucking, for example, added the ThermALERT option in 2008 to its PSI system already adopted by the fleet.

While many companies were cutting back manufacturing capacity in light of the poor industry forecasts for 2010, PSI maintained its ability to fill orders quickly, including increasing inventory levels.

“Our sales team told us last December to be ready for an increase in sales,” said Mike McIver, VP of Production. “Through our lean manufacturing practices and the added inventory, we have been able to keep up with the volumes and have not made a late shipment to date.”

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