Leading the NTDA for 20162017 are first row Steve Robinson Pressure Systems International chairman Dave Tomasello Hale Trailer Brake amp Wheel Gwen Brown NTDA president Lyn Simon onwaytrailerscom  Mark Hall Stoops Quality Trailer Jamie Vaughn Twin State Trailers and Dale Martens American Trailer amp Storage first vicechairmanSecond row Mike Shuemake Central Valley Trailer Repair Charlie Blyth Blyth Trailer Sales Richard Bloomquist Badger Utility of Wisconsin LLC Joel Hought Wallwork Truck amp Trailer Cente Photo courtesy of John Carr

Leading the NTDA for 2016-2017 are, first row: Steve Robinson, Pressure Systems International, chairman; Dave Tomasello, Hale Trailer Brake & Wheel; Gwen Brown, NTDA; president, Lyn Simon, onwaytrailers.com ; Mark Hall, Stoops Quality Trailer; Jamie Vaughn, Twin State Trailers; and Dale Martens, American Trailer & Storage, first vice-chairman.

Second row: Mike Shuemake, Central Valley Trailer Repair; Charlie Blyth, Blyth Trailer Sales; Richard Bloomquist, Badger Utility of Wisconsin LLC; Joel Hought Wallwork Truck & Trailer Center, treasurer; and Geoff Reid, Hendrickson. Not shown: John Princing, Scientific Brake & Equipment, second vice-chairman.

NTDA convention addresses key issues

NTDA 2016 Convention highlights

Cyber fraud, new trailer technology, and the impact of the upcoming greenhouse gas regulation were among the topics addressed at the 26th annual convention of the National Trailer Dealers Association.

The event was held October 12-14 at the J W Marriott Desert Ridge Resort & Spa in Phoenix.

The following are some of the highlights from the event:


(below are links to the articles covering this year's NTDA Convention)


Platooning could save 7% in fuel
Platooning isn’t here yet, but it will be. And it’s expected to be a significant driver in saving fuel. Can’t be ordered yet, but a lot of OEMs and electronic suppliers are working on this…


Trailer dealers eye effects of GHG Phase 2
The Greenhouse Gas (GHG) Phase 2 rulemaking was finalized on August 16, published in the Federal Register on October 25, and takes effect on December 27…


Trailer builds ‘surprisingly strong’
Trailer build numbers continue to be “surprisingly strong” despite declining orders, but FTR chairman/CEO Eric Starks believes builds will ease back over the next several quarters…


The caustic cost of occupational fraud
When most people think of occupational fraud, they think of Bernie Madoff. But, we don’t hear about the small-scale, low-profile fraud that plagues businesses…


Anti-virus software doesn’t make company computer servers safe from invisible criminals who operate with no laws
Many company executives have a false sense of security. They think that because they have anti-virus software, their servers are secure from hackers. Wrong!...


Big Data changing way business is done
Big Data is not just about analytics and studying patterns, trends, or even prediction. It’s not just about connecting a lot of people and things together on the Internet…


Mark Kelly’s message: Be bold, be courageous
Mark Kelly's inspirational story and message to this year's National Trailer Dealers Association attendees…


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