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Team Maxim Truck & Trailer included 37 walkers and 31 event volunteers for the 2019 CancerCare Challenge for Life.

Maxim raises $230K for CancerCare Foundation

A team of 68 walkers and volunteers from Maxim Truck & Trailer in Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada, recently raised $230,024 for CancerCare Manitoba's 2019 Challenge for Life event.

Maxim has been the top fundraiser for the Challenge for Life event since its inception in 2008, raising $1,527,244 million, the company claimed.

“I am busting with pride,” said Doug Harvey, CEO of Maxim, who has participated every year. “We raise a lot of money, have a wonderful time and show that Maxim cares about the needs of our community.”

Every member of Maxim’s senior leadership team, including Harvey, were among this year’s 68 participants, including transportation crew and check stop volunteers.  

“It’s important that, as leaders, we walk the walk and not just talk the talk,” Harvey said.

Maxim’s Annual Charity BBQ is a key part of the company’s fundraising. A large crowd of Maxim employees, their families and customers, and generous suppliers helped Maxim raise an event-record $28,600 of the total funds contributed.

Maxim is a long-time supporter of many charities, including those funding community organizations, the arts, amateur sports and health. Each year, a portion of the company’s profits are designated for charitable giving, Maxim said.

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