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Keith unveils V-18 slat system

Keith Manufacturing Company's Mike Robinson said the V-18 slat system improves the versatility of Keith's V-Floor product line. Common applications for the V-18 system are for unloading solid waste, wood chips, construction debris, and agriculture commodities.

The aluminum V-18 slat is ideal for materials that may be too demanding for a standard slat, but do not require the more robust V-9 slat system, which is specially designed for maximum-duty loads, with slat options including both steel and aluminum profiles.

As with all walking floor systems, the V-Floor system provides safe, efficient, and versatile unloading. The V-9 system is ideal for unloading demolition debris, aggregate, asphalt, and solid waste.

“With a walking floor system, the slats are divided into groups of three, which move through a four-phase cycle, conveying the load,” Robinson said. “Both the V-18 and the V-9 V-Floor systems are offered with the new Running Floor II DX drive unit. Recent modifications to the drive include an improved cylinder design, and an updated check valve design. The new check valve design now utilizes JIC fitting instead of the traditional soldered ends; this makes it much easier for emergency repairs, when necessary, until the tubing can be replaced.”

The new components have improved corrosion resistance. Keith has incorporated a higher grade of aluminum, which makes the check valve much less susceptible to road salts and other additives currently being used on highways. A standardized tubing design also has been added.

Keith has incorporated two new items:

  • A standardized design: To assist with replacement parts when necessary, Keith has standardized the design which makes replacement much easier.

  • A change to the tubing: All DX tubing is now coated with zinc and then “chromated” to assure there is an impenetrable coating.

These upgrades have prompted Keith to now offer an extended, two-year warranty on all DX models.

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