East produces Genesis Hybrid trailer

Jerry Shepherd of East Mfg said the company never liked the half-round trailer design because it wouldn't feel comfortable pulling one. He said that compared to the company's square box trailers, they lack the inherent rigidity to resist twisting, and that makes them less stable when dumping. And they have a much higher center of gravity, making them harder to corner and more prone to turn over.

Still, some customers have been attracted to the half-round's lower weight for specific applications, even with a general understanding that durability and long-term life would undoubtedly be compromised.

So East engineers came up with the best of both worlds: a hybrid — a square-box trailer with a round bottom. He said it's a trailer with the advantages of both kinds of trailers.

He gave these advantages:

  • Total weight in the range of 9500 to 10,000 lbs, depending on options.

  • Two-plus yards greater capacity than a traditional half-round trailer, providing even greater payload opportunity.

  • A center-of-gravity that's over seven inches lower than a traditional half-round for greater dump stability and twist resistance, better cornering, and more operational peace-of-mind.

  • A stronger, more rigid body to resist body twisting.

  • Improved repairability, because flat surfaces are easier and less expensive to repair.

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