ArvinMeritor's MTA suspension introduced

Walter Sherbourne of ArvinMeritor said the all-new series of durable, trailing-arm air ride trailer suspensions meets the needs of North American truck-trailer operators in vocational markets, including platform, tank, grain, dump, chassis, bulk, specialty, lowboy, livestock, and specialty vans.

The Meritor Trailing-Arm Air (MTA) suspension series of top-mount and low-mount models completes the company's lineup of air suspension solutions.

The first model, the MTA23, had a production launch in the fall. The five subsequent models will be unveiled in the last quarter of the year and through summer 2011.

The suspension series features three technology advancements with distinct operational benefits:

  • Patented pivot bushing.

    It absorbs road input, resulting in a softer ride, more cargo protection, and reduced torsional stress on the vehicle's structure. Patented steel interleaf shims in the bushing provide improved fore-aft stiffness, aiding in dynamic axle alignment, better tire wear, and controlled roll steer.

  • Larger, more robust shock absorbers.

    They're specifically tuned to Meritor suspension with three times the damping power of competitors'. There's a larger bore design for greater suspension control, and more consistent tire contact with the ground, reducing tire tread wear, improved braking and enhanced handling.

  • Patent-pending axle wrap design.

    It provides secure and durable axle connection and contributes to superior suspension durability, according to company engineers.

The integrated design includes Meritor trailer axles and brakes, and is available with Q Plus cam or air disc brakes, automatic slack adjusters, the SteelLite X30 drum and lightweight hub, and the MTIS by PSI.

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