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NTDA allied members provide details on new products, services

Nov. 2, 2014
National Trailer Dealers Association 2014 convention report

NTDA allied members provided product updates during one session of the NTDA Convention.

Here’s what they had to say:

Steel extendable series from Dorsey

Dorsey Trailer introduced its new steel extendable trailer series, including the Steel Giant extendable flatbed and the Steel Giant extendable dropdeck trailer.

The Steel Giant extendable flatbed and the Steel Giant extendable dropdeck trailer have an 80,000-lb capacity that is evenly distributed over the kingpin and running gear when extended.

Flatbed trailer lengths are available from 48’ to 80’ or from 53’ to 90’. The main beams are fabricated, high-tensile-strength steel with grade 130 high-tensile steel flanges on both trailers.

Dorsey utilizes decades of experience, computer-aided design, skilled craftsmen, and an 800,000-square-foot, state-of-the-art facility. Dorsey offers a wide variety of truck trailers, including steel and composite flatbeds, drop decks, extendable flatbeds and drop decks, open top and closed top chip vans, and specialty trailers including beavertail and ramps, multi-axle, and oilfield trailers.

Pitts Enterprises acquired the assets of Dorsey Trailer, including Dorsey’s plant in Elba, Alabama, in 2007. With the acquisition, Pitts Enterprises owns and operates three trailer divisions: Pitts Trailers in Pittsview, Alabama; Dynaweld Trailers, the Heavy Haul Division of Dorsey Trailer in Elba, Alabama.

Pitts Enterprises has been finding niches in specialty manufacturing for years. The same is true for vans. The company does not pursue large orders for van trailers, instead producing a variety of high-spec dry-freight vans. They include trailers for transporting electronic products, single- and double-drop vans, chip trailers, and walking-floor vans.”

For more information and complete specifications, visit

Tom Haughs, Exalloy LLCEXALOY introduces cargo-restraint package

EXALOY is a supplier to the heavy-duty trucking and trailer industry of cargo-restraint products as well as under-body tool boxes, cab racks, bulkheads, and accessories.

As a new member, EXALOY introduced its family of products to the NTDA.

For more information and a complete catalog of products, visit

Gary Knudsen, Felling TrailersUser-friendly detach from Felling

Felling Trailers introduced its new X-FORCE hydraulic detach with an 18” deck height.

The 18” deck height is the lowest deck height available on the Felling X-Force model line. Felling’s X-FORCE HDG models have been called one of the “Industry’s Most User-Friendly Detaches.”

The X-FORCE is available in capacities ranging from 35 to 60 tons. For more information, visit .  

Minimizer’s mask kit does multiple jobs

Minimizer introduced a product that transforms the look of wheels in a few simple steps: the Minimizer TireMask.

This disposable wheel mask kit can be reused for multiple jobs. It will help save money by reducing masking and cleanup time while providing a professional finish. It is ideal for use with spray and aerosol paints.

The Tire Mask system is designed to protect tires from primer and paint over-spray when painting rims, but eliminates the need to fully tape and mask the entire wheel. Its patented technology is specifically designed for different sizes of tires.

The kit comes with a Tire Mask, which is available in five different sizes and once taped to the tire, protects the exact size of tire from paint and primer over-spray.

The Minimizer Tire Mask kit also includes a patented Hubb Capp protector and a Rim Shield to ensure a precise painted finish without any of the cleanup and in a fraction of the time. All the pieces of the Minimizer Tire Mask kit can be reused for multiple applications.

For more information, visit

Eric Liddell, Procede SoftwareProcede software provides useful tools

Excede DMS by Procede Software uses Microsoft technology to deliver useful tools for all of your dealership departments, parts, service, vehicle leases and rentals, and time-clock management.

With Excede, you get an advanced toolset, more functionality than ever before, and streamlined processes. The easy-to-use Excede Rapid RO gets vehicles back on the road faster by allowing users to start an RO from a tablet or Android device, and add common jobs to the repair order on the service drive at the time of check-in.

The new Excede Document Delivery helps your dealership go paperless, and auto-send electronic copies of customer statements and invoices to multiple customer contacts and e-mail addresses. Excede Service Board is an easy-to-use tool for shop loading, scheduling, and technician efficiency management.

For more information, visit 

80-lb reduction with new Ridewell 266

Ridewell Suspensions introduced its 266 Series Trailer Air Ride Suspension.

Ridewell’s newest trailer air ride suspension family offers an optimum balance of weight and price with a large-diameter captured axle. The suspension offers an 80-lb weight reduction compared to the 260 Series.

It also offers an additional 50-lb savings with the 23,000-lb capacity narrow hanger. It can also be used with the 25,000-lb capacity wide hanger.

Ridewell provides direct access to product engineers, application support, rapid exchange of information, and custom design.

For more information, contact Ridewell Suspensions at 1-800-641-4122, or visit

Nick Bionda, Second City LeasingLease financing from Second City

Second City Leasing is a new NTDA member that presented information about its lease financing for commercial trucks and trailers.

The company offers more than 40 years of combined experience in all facets of specialized vehicle financing. Second City is a full-recourse lender serving the Class 8 heavy-duty tractor/trailer, medium-duty truck, and automotive markets.

For more information about its Commercial Lease Finance Program, visit

Transglobal Door unveils TG-Winder

Transglobal Door presented the TG-Winder, which facilitates operator winding and adjustment for OE- or field-installed dual spring operators.

Rollup door adjustment is now just a click away with a two-piece mounting design that allows for easy installation that will retrofit on any dual spring balancer.

The patent-pending locking gear design will forever change the way you adjust roll-up door springs. TG Winder’s Locking Gear System ensures that the mechanism can be turned only in a clockwise direction, providing a revolutionary, easily adjustable and safer installation.

For more information, visit

Tire-pressure system from TST

Truck System Technologies has developed a trailer tire- pressure monitoring system with its own GPS trailer tracking and management solution.

The system arrives fully equipped with SIM data transfer, trailer tracking, and real-time trailer tire PSI and temperature reporting on a per tire basis.

This new system will provide tire alerts to fleet management personnel while providing constant trailer location and traffic data. The system will alert if a tire is overinflated, underinflated, or even if a tire is gaining excessive heat. The system will even report in the event of a hanging brake caliper, bearings going bad, and even manufacturer tire defects such as breaking belts.

The system operates off of a Google platform, and Truck Systems Technologies is the only trailer tire pressure monitoring company to address, and resolve, this industry driven solution.

TST also demonstrated its new trailer fill through sensors, which allow drivers to add air to the tires without removing the sensors. These sensors will also integrate with Pressure Systems International (PSI). PSI has developed custom hoses for easy integration and use with their inflation systems.

Visit TST at to learn more about the innovations unveiled this year at the NTDA Convention. ♦

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