Tube Chute supplies uniform air temperature throughout a trailer

Tube Chute supplies uniform air temperature throughout a trailer



ITW Insulated Products’ newest innovation, The Tube Chute, was designed to allow users to better manage the flow of air temperature within trailers, while maintaining product integrity and lowering operating costs.

The Tube Chute design provides uniform temperature throughout a trailer by using an adapter and chutes that move the airflow from the reefer unit to the rear of the trailer. Without Tube Chutes, cold air blowing from the reefer unit would not reach the back of the trailer before heating up.

Unlike other two-finger chutes that run down the top sides of the trailer where the heat is transferred through the ceiling, the Tube Chute is installed flush to the right and left ceiling of the trailer. This makes a complete tube, therefore allowing the cold air to be distributed down the inside of the tubes. The process keeps the air from being exposed to the heat of the trailer’s ceiling.

Loaders and unloaders moving cargo in and out of the trailer have the potential to damage  chutes attached down the center or side ceiling of the trailer. When not in use, the Tube Chute collapses almost flush to the trailer wall, keeping all forklifts and movement away from the hanging chute.

This product is also available with ITW’s patented Pop-Up adapter or Standard front wall-mount adapter.

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