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Optimized trailer air disc brake system. Hendrickson Trailer Commercial Vehicle Systems expands its brake offerings with the launch of Hendrickson MAXX22T air disc brake system optimized for North American trailer applications.

MAXX22T combines Hendrickson technology with WABCO’s proven air disc brake system to address the industry’s increased demand for trailer air disc brakes.

“One size does not fit all when it comes to air disc brakes,” remarks Perry Bahr, vice president and general manager of Hendrickson Trailer Commercial Vehicle Systems.

“The forces that dictate a brake system’s design differ between the tractor and trailer. Hendrickson’s expertise in understanding trailer dynamics culminates in the launch of the first air disc brake system that aligns with the braking requirements of North American tractor-trailer combinations.”

Available on most INTRAAX® & VANTRAAX integrated suspension systems, MAXX22T combines WABCO’s bi-directional single piston design with Hendrickson-designed wheel end and brake components for higher reliability, reduced weight and installation efficiency.

The MAXX22T system features a bolt-on splash guard for easier installation and maintenance that is also e-coated for superior corrosion protection. In addition, this new design allows for simplified rotor inspection. MAXX22T is available with TIREMAAX® PRO and any of Hendrickson’s READY-TO-ROLL® wheel-end packages. MAXX22T air disc brakes are currently rated up to a 20,000 lbs. gross-axle weight with tires as large as 20.8 in. tire static loaded radius (SLR). www.maxx22t.com 


Easily maintained aluminum wheel. Alcoa, has rolled out its most durable, easy-to-maintain commercial truck wheel, Dura-Bright EVO, to the North American market.

The Dura-Bright EVO wheel is 10 times more resistant to corrosion primarily caused by road salts and weather elements, and more resistant to chemicals found in the toughest truck cleaning agents. This durability enables the use of a wider variety of cleaning solutions to simplify maintenance, while preserving the integrity and brightness of the wheel.

The Dura-Bright wheel allows brilliant shine to last even after years of use, without the need for polishing. Dura-Bright is not a coating, but rather a surface treatment that penetrates the aluminum and becomes an integral part of the wheel, ensuring what happens on the road stays on the road. Regular cleaning with commonly used truck washing products or with just mild soap and water will keep the wheels shiny, even after hundreds of washes and thousands of miles, reducing maintenance costs.

The Dura-Bright EVO wheel is commercially available in North America for orders shipping in August on Alcoa’s popular LvL ONE® 22.5” x 8.25” and 24.5” x 8.25” wheels.  All remaining North American fitments will shift to Dura-Bright EVO in January 2016, extending the innovation to fitments from Class 3 through 8.


Liftable pusher axle. Volvo and Mack both announced an automated lift axle that knows when it’s time to get up.

Mack Trucks introduced Mack Load Logic and a 6x2 liftable pusher axle option for the Mack Pinnacle highway model aimed particularly at bulk and liquid haul applications. Volvo Trucks introduced Adaptive Loading, a new 6x2 liftable forward axle that automatically adjusts to load weight changes and offers 4x2 operation under certain conditions.

Customers selecting Adaptive Loading can choose one of Volvo’s XE – eXceptional Efficiency – powertrain packages, including XE Adaptive Gearing and XE Economy. XE powertrain packages improve fuel efficiency by lowering engine rpm at a given vehicle speed, a concept Volvo calls “downspeeding.”

Designed for applications that routinely run loaded on the front haul and return empty, Mack’s Load Logic and the 6x2 with liftable pusher axle are designed to monitor trailer weight and adjust the truck’s driveline configuration to boost fuel efficiency without impacting performance. ♦



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