Maxon expands Tuk-A-Way line

Maxon Lift Corporation has announced the newest addition to its Tuk-A-Way product line: the TE-33 liftgate.

The TE-33 has a 3,300-lb lifting capacity, an option for a bolt-on extension plate, and a bolt-on heavy-duty step assembly, all in a rugged and economical package. Engineered in response to customers requiring greater platform space for consolidated palletized loads, the TE-33 is optimal for small- to midsize trucks with beds as low as 38". The TE-33 is available in 48" × 84" or 52" × 84" wedge-type steel platform sizes specifically designed to allow for the smooth transition of loads on and off the platform.

The TE-33 also incorporates a heavy-duty, twin-cylinder design that results in great performance and stability. Additional features include grease fittings at all critical rotation points and automatic hydraulic locking.

Additional product information (including installation and operation manuals) about the TE-33 can be obtained by speaking a customer service representative at 800-227-4116 or online at

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