Kinedyne revises load binder product line

Kinedyne has revised its chain/load binder product offering to fully comply with newly released industry standards.

The Web Sling and Tie-Down Association (WSTDA) — for the first time in its history — recently published a set of recommended standards for load binders. In spring 2011, the association released the publication WSTDA T-6 Recommended Standard Specification for Load Binders Used with Chain Tie-Downs after a review of the matter.

The new standard will help ensure a minimum level of quality and traceability for all load binders. Changes to Kinedyne load binders were made in anticipation of action by federal and local enforcement agencies to eventually adopt the new standard into cargo securement regulations.

All new production of Kinedyne load binders will now offer these features:

  • Manufactured and tested per the new WSTDA T-6 Standards for Load Binders.

  • Stamped markings on the binder with the Kinedyne logo, a manufacturer code, and reference to the date the binder was manufactured.

  • Tags attached to each binder with Warning & Operating Instructions in trilingual (English, French, Spanish) formats.

For more details, phone 800-848-6057 in the United States or 800-268-3530 in Canada, or visit To obtain support in Mexico, contact Sistemas Kinedyne SA at

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