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Access hardware supplier Allegis celebrating 50 years

Allegis Corporation, a supplier of access hardware for multiple transportation applications, including utility bodies and trailers, founded in 1969, is celebrating 50 years in business.

As part of the celebration, the Minneapolis MN based supplier of handles, latches, hinges, sealing profiles, gas springs and other components, created a new logo and strengthened its commitment to its original values, including building strong relationships with leading access component manufacturers.

The company says its takes its role as a supply partner “a step further” by tapping into its engineering expertise, industry knowledge and production capabilities to create custom-engineered parts for its customers.

“We’ve learned that to win in this business, it’s not the hardware components themselves that our customers want, it’s the thinking of our designers, our engineers and our industry experts,” said Clayton Keister, Allegis CEO. “It’s that deep understanding of how to best combine access hardware to create something even better.

“It’s kind of a like an equation 1 + 1 equals 5. Over time, we realized that no one knows more about how to combine all of the right components—handles, latches, hinges, gaskets or gas springs—to enhance ease of access, ensure security and improve efficiency than our people. It’s our unique way of thinking. That’s our No 1 strength.”

Allegis has 10 facilities in North America and a global approach to sourcing. This supports the company’s core business of access hardware supply and custom design to ultimately solve problems for the customer, Allegis said. 

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