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Want a moving snow experience using ATVs or UTVs? See the BOSS

Want a moving snow experience using ATVs or UTVs? See the BOSS

BOSS Snowplow continues to expand its versatile snowplow offerings with the addition of the 5'-6" XT V-plow for mid-size UTVs and ATVs.

Along with durability, toughness, and reliability, the 5’-6” XT features exceptional ground clearance for hard-to-reach places and tough terrain. The fully hydraulic system delivers maximum efficiency with no winches, chains, or pulleys.

“The 5’-6” XT has a 30-degree lift height for superior snow-stacking,” said Mark Klossner, marketing vice-president for BOSS. “The maneuverability and size of this tough, compact package make it perfect for taking on snow, especially sidewalks.”

BOSS ATV and UTV snowplows have the same tough, reliable, innovative design features of BOSS truck plows and allow users to restore order in any environment.

The 5’-6” XT was designed to fit most ATV and mid-size UTV vehicles. The plow features a low-profile undercarriage designed for trail compatibility and a quick attachment system for the product to attach and detach with ease. The handlebar controller for ATVs and the handheld controller for mid-size UTVs are easy to use and eliminate the strains of operation—with or without gloves.

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