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SnowEx plow giveaway

SnowEx reveals 'Plow on Your Terms' winners

SnowEx recently revealed the winners of its “Plow on Your Terms” giveaway. 

The three selected entrants were Salvatore Nazzaro of Barto PA, John Finn of South Bend IN and Wayne Marquette of Nashua NH.

Winners selected from the full line of SnowEx plows. Nazzaro chose a Heavy-Duty (HD) model plow, whereas both Finn and Marquette selected HDV V-Plows. Overall, SnowEx gave away more than $25,000 of equipment. The winners will take delivery of their new plows in November.

The “Plow On Your Terms” giveaway was an effort to promote the new partnership between SnowEx and SnoHub, the provider of the leading free mobile application designed to connect homeowners with snow plowing services. SnoHub is giving everyone from weekend warriors to full-time snow removal contractors an easier way to find customers and, with the giveaway, SnowEx gave three lucky participants the tools they need to serve them.

For more information about SnoHub, visit or search “snohub” on Google Play or the iTunes App Store.

For more information, visit


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