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SnowEx skid-steer SnowEx

SnowEx offering new Oscillating Skid-Steer Mount

SnowEx recently introduced an Oscillating Skid-Steer Mount for its Heavy-Duty (HD) and SPEEDWING snowplows, contributing to better scraping performance and less wear on the plow’s cutting edge.

The company said its mount quickly attaches to any brand or style of skid-steer loader.

The new skid-steer mount provides 6 degrees of side-to-side oscillation, allowing the blade to follow the contours of the pavement for a cleaner scrape. The oscillating mount works with both SnowEx HD straight blade plows—with blade widths ranging from 7 feet, 6 inches to 9 feet—and the SPEEDWING, which boasts the added productivity and efficiency of automatically adjusting mechanical wings.

A total of five SnowEx snowplow models are compatible with skid-steer loaders, allowing users to leverage their machine’s onboard hydraulic system for efficient plowing applications. The plows are quick to install and easy to operate, SnowEx said. Additional standard features include a full-trip moldboard, attachment plate with 10-degree forward slope, ½ inch by 6 inch steel cutting edge, and a POWERCOAT paint finish.

SnowEx Snow and Ice Control Equipment is part of Douglas Dynamics, a North America manufacturer of vehicle attachments and equipment.

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