Snow & Ice Equipment Showcase

Snow & Ice Equipment Showcase

SnowEx adds dump body spreader options

The new SP-2200 and SP-2200-H from SnowEx provide under-tailgate options for installing spreaders on dump bodies. These spreaders mount underneath the rear gate of dump bodies, rather than replacing the gate. They are available with either electric (SP-2200) or hydraulic (SP-2200-H) drives.
A mounting kit comes standard with the spreaders, allowing them to fit on attachment points found on a variety of dump bodies (some fabrication required). Once installed, they accommodate the rising and lowering of dump beds because of a self-leveling feature that keeps the spinner assembly parallel with the ground.
The SP-2200 and SP-2200-H feature SnowEx's non-corrosive polyethylene construction and patented auger system, which feeds a precise, consistent flow of material to the spinner. An attached vibrator reduces clumping concerns, and both models can spread any mixture of bulk salt and course sand up to 40 feet wide. To allow maximum control of the application, the units include variable-speed controllers, which independently adjust the auger and spinner speeds.
Because their design contains no pulleys, sprockets, chains, or belts, the spreaders require little maintenance. Each unit contains a clean-out tray, which can be lowered to easily clear material from the hopper after use.
A work light also comes standard with the SP-2200 and SP-2200-H. Both models are covered by a two-year warranty.
SnowEx is a product division of TrynEx International.
For more information, visit
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Conventional, backdrag plowing combined

The C-Plow from Hiniker Company combines the functions of conventional plowing and backdrag plowing systems into a single innovative design.
This plow is operated as a conventional plow in the forward plowing mode, with the normal hydraulic angling and spring-trip moldboard functions. For backdragging, the upper 3/4 of the high-density polyethylene moldboard is hydraulically folded over, creating a rear facing backdrag blade. A second cutting edge fastened to the top of the moldboard becomes the contact point with the ground surface.
Additionally, the C-Plow features a high-clearance split trip-edge. Each half of the trip-edge works independently of the other, reducing stress on the plow in forward mode.
The C-Plow is available in 8- and 9-foot widths. All the company’s plows employ the Hiniker Quick-Hitch system, a drive-in mounting system that provides easy one-lever attachment of the plow to the truck.
Visit for full details.
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Fisher improves snowplow powdercoating

All Fisher brand snowplows feature enhanced corrosion resistance thanks to an improved Storm Guard powdercoating process. The system incorporates a new epoxy primer plus a new high-gloss powdercoat formula to deliver much longer-lasting protection against wear and rust.
Introduced in 2003, Storm Guard is a multi-step powdercoating process that includes:
• An eight-wheel shot blaster that removes mill scale and profile steel surfaces for best adhesion.
• A automated multi-stage pre-wash to provide superior surface preparation.
• The new epoxy primer for added protection and powdercoat adhesion.
• Robotic guns in a climate-controlled powdercoat booth deliver uniform coverage of the new powdercoat formula.
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Super-V2 performs like a highway plow

Meyer Products’ second generation V-plow, the Super-V2, features a 70-degree attack angle and a blade that tapers from 38" to 30.5" to provide superior snow rolling and throwing action similar to that of a highway plow.
Available in 8.5- and 9.5-foot lengths, the versatile Super-V2 features dual-acting cylinders and a pistol grip controller with one-button functionality for straight blade or V-blade configurations.
The Super-V2’s bottom-trip design holds most of its load if an obstruction trips the plow, reducing the number of passes required to finish a job. The bottom-trip design also allows the plow to trip regardless of how the wings are configured. Visit for more details.
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TruckCraft adds Magnum SS dump insert

TruckCraft’s TC-101 Magnum SS is a new stainless steel dump insert that is completely impervious to salt and chemical environments for year-round applications. Magnum SS joins TruckCraft’s line of aluminum and steel pickup dump inserts, and will convert a 6.5- or 8-foot pickup truck to a dump truck in two hours.
Features and benefits include:
• Constructed of Type 304 stainless—no paint maintenance
• Dump capacity is 6,200 lbs guaranteed
• 2.5-cubic-yard struck level capacity; add sideboards for 5-plus cubic yards
• Three-stage telescopic cylinder at front—no scissors hoist underneath
• Weight-saving T6 aluminum subframe—no paint maintenance required
• All pivot points have lubed-for-life bushings—no greasing
• Low floor height makes loading safer and easier
• 600-lb weight saves payload capacity
• 150-amp resettable circuit breaker is standard
• Three-year limited warranty
• Two-bolt installation system installs in two hours
• Monarch power unit
• No height spacer is required to install in tall-side pickups
Visit to learn more.
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Speedwing automatically finds right angle

Blizzard’s Speedwing snowplow thinks for itself with wings that automatically angle forward or back, based on blade position, to maximize plowing efficiency. When angled for windrowing, the trailing wing folds back in line with the moldboard while the leading wing retains its forward position to capture more snow, reduce spill-off, and allow use of the entire blade. Speedwing is a multi-position plow that’s as easy to use as a straight blade.
To learn more, visit
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Wide-Out plow gets more done

The Western Wide-Out extends the user’s capabilities, providing an 8-foot straight blade, 9-foot scoop, and 10-foot extended straight blade—all in the same plow. Plus, with the leading wing angled forward, it provides superior windrowing efficiency. The wings hydraulically and independently extend with the touch of a button for capacity and versatility. All of this combines to give the user more control, allowing completion of more jobs in fewer passes.
To learn more, visit
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Boss UTV plows go where others can’t

The Boss Snowplow unveils two new professional-grade plows designed for the utility vehicle (UTV) market. These plows feature many of the same Smart Technology and hydraulic systems and other enhancements found on full-size Boss plows.
Available in two models, the 6'-6" Power-V XT and the 6' Poly Straight-Blade snowplow, the new UTV plows from Boss can tackle projects for the home or job site, giving the flexibility to reach areas traditional plows cannot go due to space limitations or rough terrain.
Boss UTV plows are designed to fit brands including Polaris, Kubota, John Deere, and Kawasaki, with more brands to be added.
These plows feature a fully hydraulic system with a high blade lift height. The hydraulic pumps are fully enclosed to protect against corrosion and hydraulic freeze-up. Operation of the hydraulic and electrical system is done with the touch of a button from inside the cab.
A sloped-profile undercarriage does not hinder ground clearance or inhibit trail riding when the snowplow is detached.
Bos also adapted its Smart Technology systems to provide UTV users with improved plow durability and performance. The optional SmartHitch 2 attachment system provides the ability to attach and detach the plow in seconds. SmartTouch2 controls are designed for easy right- or left-hand use, and can be removed and used with several different mounting options. Every Boss plow is protected by the corrosion-resistant, powdercoat-paint SmartShield system featuring the firm’s zinc primer.
For more information, visit or call 800-286-4155.
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XtremeV plow quickly pushes snow aside

The Fisher XtremeV snowplow features fast hydraulics with superior operating speed and the Minute Mount 2 on/off system. This enables the V-plow to quickly handle tough jobs. The plow is available in 7½- to 9½-foot sizes, in stainless or poly-coated steel, and features Intensifire lights for maximum illumination.
To learn more, visit
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Ultrafinish improves corrosion resistance

The Western Ultrafinish baked-on powdercoat features a new epoxy primer to further enhance powdercoat adhesion and improve overall corrosion resistance.
Standard on all Western snowplows, Ultrafinish is an automated powdercoating process that starts with an eight-wheel shot blaster pre-treatment to remove mill scale and abrade surfaces for optimum adhesion. It continues with an automated, multi-stage pre-wash that provides superior surface preparation. After the epoxy primer is applied, a series of robotic guns deliver precise, consistent powdercoat coverage.
To learn more, visit
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With Direct Cast, adjust spread from cab

Henderson Products Inc’s Direct Cast spinner system offers the snowplow truck driver the ability to adjust the spread pattern from the cab “on the fly.”
The driver can adjust the pattern from one lane left, center, or right to two lanes left or right, or up to three lanes at once. The desired ice control material can be placed in the proper location without the risk of spreading into oncoming traffic or other safety risk areas.
The Direct Cast system fits all types of spreaders and combination bodies. Whether mounted with a simple tailgate sander or a precision slurry applicator such as the Henderson Taskforce or First Response System, the Direct Cast places ice control material on the roadway in a controlled pattern.
Visit to learn more.
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