SaltDogg units simplify spreading process

SaltDogg units simplify spreading process

Buyers Products Co now offers a polymer, chain-drive, electric SaltDogg spreader. With a double-wall, poly-molded hopper, this new spreader, the SHPE3000CH, is ideal for sand and salt-sand mixtures. It has a 3-cubic-yard capacity and is intended for use on vehicles with a gross weight of 13,000 pounds or greater.

This spreader offers spread widths ranging from 5 to 30 feet for flexible coverage. It is powered by independent, 12-volt gear-motor conveyer and direct-drive spinner motors. Spinner assembly height is adjustable, and the unit is easy to remove for cleaning, storage, and hitch access.

The spreader is equipped with a 12-inch-wide steel conveyor chain; a 14-inch, six-vane, polyurethane spinner; and variable-speed controller. Two top screens protect against material loss and integral double doors with an interlocking gutter system, and lid channels keep out water.

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Buyers Products also offers the SaltDogg SHPE1500-, SHPE2000-, and SHPE2250-series salt spreaders standard in red and yellow polymer as well as black.

The SHPE1500-, SHPE2000-, and SHPE2250-series salt spreaders are intended for medium- to heavy-duty commercial spreading. The light-weight polymer material makes the spreaders easy to install and maintain.

SHPE1500-series spreaders have a 1.5-cubic-yard capacity, and SHPE 2000-series spreaders have a 2.0-cubic-yard capacity. Both have a 2.5-inch stainless steel, screw-type auger. SHPE2250-series spreaders provide a 2.2-cubic-yard capacity and have a 5.25-inch full length steel variable-pitch auger.

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