Looking for an effective array of weapons for snow-fighting season? See the Boss

Looking for an effective array of weapons for snow-fighting season? See the Boss

BOSS Snowplow builds upon its ATV plow offerings with the addition of a 4-foot ATV plow, which has the same quality features and capabilities found on full-size BOSS plows. A fully hydraulic system means no winches, pulleys, or handles for lifting or angling and higher snow stacking. The plow features a quick-attach sytem so it goes on and comes off with ease. When the plow is not attached, a low-profile undercarriage design keeps the ATV trail compatible.

Designed for mid-size UTV models including the Polaris RZR and Yamaha Rhino, a new 5-ft UTV plow from BOSS features fully hydraulic operation. No winches, pulleys, or handles are needed for improved speed, reliability and efficiency. BOSS offers the highest blade lift height available for snow stacking capability. The plow blade skin is made from tough, rust-resistant poly for durability, crack resistance, and slickness. In addition, a sloped-profile undercarriage provides exceptional ground clearance.

BOSS is offering stainless steel for its 7'-6", 8-ft, and 9-ft Super-Duty trip-edge plows as well as its 8- and 9-ft Super-Duty full-trip plows. The firm introduced stainless steel on its DXT plow for the 2013-14 snow season, an option that sold out quickly. Select plow models will also feature sharp 304 stainless steel moldboards.

The company has added 14- and 16-ft box plows with a new adjustable hitch fork system that easily attaches to any size tractor loader bucket. The new larger plows feature self-adjusting wings and a segmented trip-edge design for maximum plow efficiency, performance, and ease of use. Heavy-duty wing shoes provide excellent wear resistance for long-term durability. A 49-inch moldboard offers maximum snow holding and pushing performance.

Engineered to spread free-flowing ice-melting materials with ease, the new TGS 300 tailgate spreader is designed for SUVs and light-duty trucks. The TGS 300 has a 200-lb, 3-cubic-foot capacity. Variable speed control with blast feature and overload protection makes the TGS 300 easy to use, and a hard poly cover keeps moisture out. This spreader is powered by a 12-volt electric high-torque motor. The line of TGS spreaders also includes the TGS 600, 800, and 1100.

Featuring a dual-trip design, BOSS’s DXT plows offer durability with enhanced plow and vehicle protection when striking hidden obstacles. Available in poly and stainless (8'-2" and 9'-2") as well as steel (8'-2" 9'-2", and 10') models, the dual-trip design combines trip-edge and full-moldboard trip features. The base angle trips independently, reducing impacts when lower obstacles are hit. The full moldboard trip protects against higher obstructions (6 inches or more).

Access www.bossplow.com or phone 800-286-4155 for full information. ♦

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