Henke HXC2000 V-box spreads flexibility

Henke HXC2000 V-box spreads flexibility

Henke Mfg’s new HXC2000 V-box spreader has a removable conveying cartridge. The replaceable cartridge is not only easier to service and repair, but it also allows users to choose between an auger, dual auger, pintle chain, or belt conveyor, providing versatility to snow and ice management.

Standard features of the HXC2000 include:

  • Fully replaceable conveyor cartridge
  • Remote chain tensioning, wide base rails, and conveyor for consistent spread and minimizing of material bridging
  • No Tool adjustment spinner deflectors
  • Telescoping discharge chute for even high flow rates
  • Spinner drive “shed” design to prevent clogging and fouling in the chute
  • Safety features allowing tool-free access for maintenance

For more information, phone 913-297-7125 or access the website at www.henkemfg.com.

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