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Henderson introduces BrineXtreme Infinity system

Henderson Products recently introduced the BrineXtreme Infinity with Auto-Clean Technology.

The company said the new brine system delivers continuous triple-filtered salt brine while simultaneously self-cleaning, eliminating the need to stop brine production. Simply connect to power, connect to water, fill the hopper with rock salt and start the system, which produces professional grade salt brine.

The BrineXtreme Infinity is “an easy-to-operate brine-making powerhouse,” the company said, featuring a 5-cubic-yard salt hopper, production rates up to 10,000 GPH, salt concentration accurate to 0.01 SG, 100% automation and repeatability, protected mechanicals, triple-filtered, splash-free brine transfer, intuitive touch screen display, data logging, storage tank level monitoring, UL Listed salinity control and more.

The Infinity also is available on a trailer as a mobile brine making system that can be shared by small municipalities. Pair this brine maker to either Pro or Ultimate controls to meet individual needs.

For more information, call 800-359-4970 or visit


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