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Fisher updates Poly-Caster hopper spreader

Fisher updates Poly-Caster hopper spreader

Fisher Engineering, manufacturer of Fisher brand snow removal and ice control equipment, announces updates to its Poly-Caster hopper spreader. The new features improve the efficiency of the Poly-Caster spreader by making it easier for operators to control and optimize spreading operations.

More efficient material dispersal and greater spread control can now be achieved with the enhanced dual variable-speed control. This control is compact in size, fits easily into most trucks, and allows operators to change delivery and spread according to conditions.

Four standard accessory buttons and a dedicated blast button provide optimum in-cab efficiency. An easy-to-understand digital self-diagnostics LED display alerts the operator when the hopper is empty or requires adjustments.

The updated Poly-Caster now incorporates Fleet Flex technology, a universal wiring and control system that gives fleet managers the advantage of quick and easy interchanges between electric hopper spreaders.

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