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Super-V2 plows forward as a foe of snow

Meyer Products' second-generation V-plow, the Super-V2, features a 70-degree attack angle and a blade that tapers from 38" to 30.5" to provide snow rolling and throwing action similar to that of a highway plow.

The three-year, ROC Solid Warranty covers all new Meyer plow systems and includes both parts and labor. In addition, Meyer offers a five-year structural steel warranty. Owners need to register their plows at Meyer's website to activate coverage for years three through five.

Available in 8.5- and 9.5-foot lengths, the versatile Super-V2 features dual-acting cylinders and a pistol grip controller with one button functionality for straight blade or V-blade configurations.

The Super-V2's bottom-trip design holds most of its load if an obstruction trips the plow, reducing the number of passes required to finish a job. The bottom-trip design also allows the plow to trip regardless of how the wings are configured.

Components of this new Meyer plow are interchangeable with the standard Meyer Super-V plow.

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