SnowDogg hitches securely mount plows

SnowDogg hitches securely mount plows


Buyers Products offers four SnowDogg universal plow hitches for municipal trucks.

Truck-side universal hitches attach to the front of municipal vehicles for mounting municipal plow models and are available in these styles: drop-pin hitch, quick hitch, pin-ear hitch, and Hustings hitch.

Universal hitches are available with 3- or 4-inch, double-acting cylinders and have a telescoping lift arm to ensure level plow lift. The hitch cylinders also fold for quick, compact storage.

SnowDogg municipal plows are American-made with continuous welds and are sand-blasted and powdercoated for superior corrosion resistance. The plows are built to meet, or exceed, the most demanding state and local government specifications.

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