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Snow & Ice Equipment Showcase

Snow & Ice Equipment Showcase

Hiniker VF Series

Hiniker VF series sends snow flying farther

The new VF series flare-wing trip-edge V-plows from Hiniker Co feature deep-curl flared wings, providing the break-through capacity to cast deep snow farther and higher. View specs

Double-acting hydraulic cylinders provide positive hydraulic control of moldboard positioning, whether plowing forward or backdragging. Super-bright quad halogen headlights have up to twice the power of typical sealed beam lamps.

Also offered in a conventional level-top configuration, the VF series is provided in 8.5- and 9.5-foot widths. Independent high-clearance trip-edge design provides smooth operation and enhanced protection. The pinch-free pivot point is 9 inches above ground level for improved protection from obstacles such as curbs and parking barriers.

Laser-cut ribs incorporated into the high-tensile steel superstructure of the plow combine with a 2-inch steel torque tube to provide strength for heavy-duty applications. Moldboards feature a low-friction, high-density polyethylene surface that is corrosion-free, dent-resistant, and never needs refinishing.

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Henke plow

Henke plow stays parallel until duty calls

The latest snow-fighting product from Henke Manufacturing is its Parallel Lift Plow. Designed to remain parallel to the ground in transport or in angling positions, this plow can be completely removed from the truck hydraulically, leaving only a flat plate. The truck hitch and power reversing and lifting mechanisms remain with the plow. View specs

The Parallel Lift Plow has an inverted J-shape, 43-inch-high moldboard with 10 vertical ribs. The moldboard is provided in steel or polymer in 10-, 11-, and 12-foot lengths.

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SnowEx V-Maxx 8550

With V-Maxx 8550, one pass gets it done

SnowEx, a product division of TrynEx International, introduces the V-Maxx 8550 High Output spreader. Featuring higher material feed rates than other V-Maxx spreaders, the new unit is ideal for snow and ice professionals looking to spread high volumes of sand in one pass, rather than making multiple passes to achieve a heavy application. View specs

Offering a 2-cubic-yard hopper capacity, the V-Maxx 8550 features a new transmission with a gear ratio of 40:1. This allows the unit to spread 295 to 680 pounds of material per minute (3.6 to 8.3 cubic feet per minute), which triples the rate of the comparable V-Maxx 8500 model.

Designed to spread sand, the V-Maxx 8550 comes standard with a patented multi-angle hopper, an inverted-“V” baffle, and an attached vibrator. The hopper is made from corrosion-resistant polyethylene, with no engines, pulleys, sprockets, belts, or chains to maintain. The unit is completely electric-powered with a high-torque, ½-horsepower motor, and all electrical components are fully sealed for weather protection.

The V-Maxx 8550 is controlled by an independent-speed controller. The separate spinner and auger speed settings maximize efficiency and can be used to adjust the spread width from 6 to 40 feet. A digital system LED display with status monitoring and system protection is standard, as well as an auto-reverse function in the event of auger jams.

This spreader contains an improved quick-connect spinner assembly with integrated handle for easy removal. It uses a latch system to detach the assembly in seconds. The latch also eliminates aligning a pin during installation and removal.

Other standard features include an auxiliary light kit, auxiliary LED brake light, top screen, fitted tarp, and a non-combustible HD automotive wiring harness. Optional accessories include the Salt-Traxx digital job tracker and AccuSpray material pre-wetting system.

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Monroe Para Glide

Para-Glide Wing Post has mechanical float

Monroe Truck Equipment Inc introduces the Para-Glide Wing Post.

The Para-Glide features a built-in mechanical float to allow the wing to follow the contour of the plowing surface, thereby reducing road shock and vibration to the vehicle.

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Anti-icing systems melt away winter costs

VariTech Industries, a subsidiary of FORCE America Inc, introduces two advancements in anti-icing and de-icing targeted at cutting winter maintenance costs, while also reducing the amount of salt and chemicals reaching the watershed:

  • The Brine Boss automated salt brine production module

  • The Blend Boss in-line brine solution mixing system

The Brine Boss is a microprocessor-controlled, modular component that works in conjunction with new or existing VariTech salt brine production systems, such as the SB600 or the HSCB1400-SS. It is designed to meet the need of any snow and ice fighting municipality or contractor that produces and applies salt brine and offers these advantages over manual brine production:

  • Automated brine production with increased speed and consistent salinity

  • Color touch-screen with menu-driven controls guard against frozen switches and improper settings

  • Water temperature monitor ensures batch consistency for effective anti-icing and de-icing

  • System access is password-protected against unauthorized access

  • Generates and tracks usage data for individual trucks and fleets

  • Multiple user groups are allowed shared access; usage data is tracked for each user group for cost bill-back

The Blend Boss meets the needs of any snow and ice fighting municipality or contractor that mixes and applies multiple anti-icing and de-icing solutions in a single application. This product has these features:

  • Microprocessor-controlled, automated brine blending system

  • Provides in-line mixing of up to three different brine solutions into storage or application tanks

  • In-line mixing allows simultaneous blending

  • Mix rate is fully adjustable to meet the needs of the conditions

  • Easy-to-use blend rate controller

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Boss TGS 800

Spreading sand or rock salt? See the Boss

The Boss TGS 800 tailgate sand spreader can spread both sand and rock salt or other dry free-flowing, ice-melting materials. It is easy to attach and comes with multiple standard features. The TGS 800 features an 800-pound, 8-cubic-foot capacity and a Feed Paddle Mechanism powered by its own 12-volt DC high-torque motor. The spinner is powered by a separate 12-volt DC high-torque electric motor. Choose from either the RT3 Quick Hitch Attachment System or a Slide-in Mount. View specs

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Hiniker Spreader

Users control application spreader rate

Hiniker Company's dual-motor electric salt and sand spreaders allow users to tailor material application rates accurately and conveniently. View specs

Powered by the truck's 12-volt electrical system, these units provide individual variable-speed control for both the conveyor and spinner. The two electric motors offer quiet operation for residential and office applications.

These dual-motor electric spreaders also feature blast control for quick, extra-dense applications and a reverse switch to clear jams quickly and easily. Two stainless steel electric spreader models are offered: the 6.5-foot Model 635 and the 8-ft Model 835.

Standard hopper capacities are 1.50 cubic yards for Model 635 and 1.80 cubic yards for Model 835. A tip-up spinner assembly makes unloading unused material simple and provides easy trailer hitch access.

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Buyers Products adds ‘hidden’ strobe lights

Buyers Products has added a series of LED “hidden” strobe lights to its expanding line of lighting products.

The dual-LED strobe lights feature a compact design that installs inside a vehicle's headlights or taillights for a clean, OEM appearance. Optional surface mounting brackets are available for mounting in fenders or bulkheads.

Six high-intensity LED diodes per strobe head (400 lumens), provide high visibility for safety. Light sets are provided in clear or amber, with 15 or 25 feet of cable.

Nineteen adjustable flash patterns are controlled by an optional on-off rocker switch panel (part # 6391215). Up to eight strobes can be synchronized for simultaneous or alternating flashing.

“These lights provide great visibility for added safety in work zones,” said Dave Zelis, director of sales. “They look great, and only draw 1.8 amps.”

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