Meyer Products Acquires Magnum Spreaders

Meyer Products LLC, a leading manufacturer of commercial snowplows, has acquired Magnum Spreaders, a subsidiary of Imperial Electric in Akron, Ohio. Magnum is one of the top salt and sand spreader lines in the snow and ice management industry.

The acquisition includes the entire inventory of Magnum Spreaders' poly tailgate spreaders, and the rights to the Magnum brand and tooling.

"The acquisition of Magnum Spreaders helps round out Meyer's full line of quality spreaders," says Meyer President Andrew Outcalt. "These tailgate spreaders add depth to our line-up and allow us to compete for popular applications we didn't have covered before."

Meyer plans to keep the Magnum brand alive by continuing to sell the brand to Magnum's current truck equipment distributors. For Meyer truck equipment distributors, it will rename the Magnum brand to Meyer Blaster and will sell four models of salt or salt and sand Meyer Blasters. Imperial Electric will continue as a supplier of the motors for both the Magnum and Blaster brands.

"We are very excited to see the growth of the Magnum Salt and Sand Spreader," says Douglas Saltsman, Business Development Manager for Imperial. "It is the most powerful spreader in its class and Meyer is the perfect home for it. Knowing Meyer's skill in marketing and strength in distribution, we expect to see Magnum become a prominent brand in the snow and ice market."

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