HTS snowplow, Tornado hopper spreader bolster Western's arsenal

Western Snowplows announced the launch of two new products: the Western HTS snowplow and a new line of Western Tornado poly electric hopper spreaders.

The Western HTS snowplow is specifically designed for half-ton, 4WD pickup owners, giving them a full-size, full-featured plow that meets weight specifications of half-tons. The rugged HTS handles standard-duty commercial and extended-use homeowner applications. It features a hydraulic scrape lock for enhanced scraping and clean backdragging performance, a simplified UltraMount mounting system for fast and easy hook-up or removal, and Nighthawk halogen headlamps to illuminate the entire plowing area.

The Western Tornado poly electric hopper spreader line features one-piece, rust-proof poly hoppers and dual electric conveyor and spinner motors with a variable-speed controller for complete material application control. Delivering Contractor Grade performance, the Tornado spreader is available in 7- or 8-foot lengths and 1.5-, 1.8-, and 2.5-cubic-yard capacities.

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