Breaking ground for the new Travis Body amp Trailer plant expansion are Jason Backs vicepresident of production C K Bud Hughes president and CEO and Doug Gwin CFO  Also shown are Johnny Wilkerson Ricardo Pruneda Chris Wisnieski Troy Fischer Gerald Mullican Xavier Torres and Billy Martinez
<p><strong>Breaking ground for the new Travis Body &amp; Trailer plant expansion are Jason Backs, vice-president of production; C K (Bud) Hughes, president and CEO; and Doug Gwin, CFO. Also shown are Johnny Wilkerson, Ricardo Pruneda, Chris Wisnieski, Troy Fischer, Gerald Mullican, Xavier Torres, and Billy Martinez. </strong></p>

Travis Trailer to expand plant

Travis Body & Trailer ( ground July 24 on an expansion project that will boost production capacity and the size of its Houston, Texas, plant by approximately 50%.

The project will include two phases.  The first will be a standalone building that will house the company’s finishing line and aftermarket accessory installation.  The second phase will involve extending the present plant by 150 feet.

“Our manufacturing facilities have evolved through a series of additions,” says C K “Bud” Hughes, president and CEO.  “By expanding the plant the way we have drawn it up, we will be able to systematically reorganize our entire plant layout.”

The two-phase project is expected to be completed next summer.  

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