How distributors can hire better sales people

The NAW Institute for Distribution Excellence and strategic partner Chally Group Worldwide, a global sales and leadership measurement firm, have released a free research report, “Sales Force Hiring Best Practices for Wholesale Distribution Organizations,” which is available for immediate download at

Wholesale distribution firms face a growing, largely demographic challenge in recruiting talent for their sales organizations. Recent research shows that world-class organizations overcome these issues by implementing a more rational hiring process, based on the measurable, quantitative characteristics of the most successful sales professionals. Chally Group Worldwide has written this authoritative report on how distribution firms can employ proven best practices in hiring the most productive sales forces.  

Chally undertook a comprehensive review of past research in best practices of world-class organizations. The goal of the research is to help wholesaler-distributors increase the effectiveness of hiring sales talent and sales leadership by improving strategies and tactics for sourcing, selection, and onboarding.

A summary of the challenges addressed in the report include:

• Recruiting and retaining replacements for exiting Baby Boomers is difficult due to

different attitudes, motivations, and expectations.

• Capturing reliable, useful information about job candidates ranks high on the list of


• Generational issues are significant barriers to hiring – gradual career development

doesn’t resonate with Millennials.

• Tight-knit industries and markets tend to fish in the same pond for candidates which

typically results in pulling from a smaller pool of experienced talent.

• Technology has altered the skill set required of salespeople – new tools are required for

communication, and customers are empowered with more information and choice than

in the past.

This report helps wholesaler-distributors understand and adopt best-practice hiring methods

that, according to NAW, reduce cost to source promising candidates, reduce onboarding investment and ramp time, increase sales productivity, manage turnover of new hires, and provide for future flexibility and potential growth.

 “The NAW Institute for Distribution Excellence is pleased with the important insights that Chally has provided in this report to help wholesaler-distributors with their sales force hiring and

development needs,” said Ron Schreibman, Executive Director of the NAW Institute.  

After reviewing this report, distribution executives who would like more information may contact Bob Schwab at Chally Group Worldwide, (937) 610-4379. 

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