DOT designates Beyond Traffic Innovation Centers

Jan. 10, 2017

The U S Department of Transportation has designated 18 colleges and universities to address America’s growing transportation needs detailed in DOT’s recently released report Beyond Traffic 2045 that outlines America’s growing need for improvements to its transportation system.

DOT has identified 11 “megaregions” in the United States that require particular attention.  At least one college or university in each megaregion will serve as the venue for an Innovation Center in that megaregion.   In addition, Innovation Centers at three universities will address the transportation needs of rural areas.

The centers are non-profit institutions of higher education and non-profit organizations which convene leaders and other key decision-makers in each of eleven megaregions around the United States, as well as in rural communities, to discuss these challenges and coordinate related research, curriculum, outreach, and other activities.

The Beyond Traffic Innovation Centers are:

•       Cascadia/Pacific Northwest megaregion: University of Washington

•       Florida megaregion: Florida International University

•       Front Range megaregion: University of Denver

•       Great Lakes/Midwest megaregion: Center for Neighborhood Technology, Ohio State University and University of Michigan

•       Gulf Coast megaregion: Texas Southern University

•       Northeastern megaregion: Northeastern University and Rutgers University

•       Mid-Atlantic megaregion: University of Virginia

•       Northern California megaregion: University of California, Berkeley

•       Southern California megaregion: California State University, San Bernardino

•       Piedmont/Southern megaregion: Clemson University

•       Sun Corridor megaregion: University of Arizona

•       Texas Triangle megaregion: University of Texas, Austin

•       Centers serving rural areas: Montana State University, University of Alaska-Fairbanks, and Michigan Tech University

 The full list of Beyond Traffic Innovation Centers and more information about Beyond Traffic 2045 is available at: