Meritor's Rapid Response Program developed for new trailer build, service, repairs

Nov. 13, 2014

Responding to truck operators’ requests for faster availability and shipment of trailer products (including suspensions), Meritor's Aftermarket business has launched a new Rapid Response program for trailer manufacturers, warehouse distributors, OEM dealers, and fleet maintenance managers. Inventory for the program is in stock and currently available to customers.

The two-fold program for trailer axles-and-air suspensions is effective immediately and the components and related hardware and accessories are inventoried at the company's Florence, KY, Brampton, ON, and Edmonton, AB, aftermarket distribution centers. A comprehensive information package (bulletin, catalog and parts book) is being mailed to all customers.

"This dramatic lead-time reduction for both trailer axles and MTA trailer products has been very well received by our customers,” said Shane Crook, product manager, Meritor Aftermarket. “It’s a program that’s evolved from North American market demand, and focuses on our customers' successes with outfitting new trailers or fleets servicing existing trailer axle-suspension systems. Our customers simply can’t wait 3-4 weeks for the part they need.”

"Our sales force shared the customers' insistence on Meritor stocking the right models and shipping them as Meritor does with its normal aftermarket parts for fast build or prompt service-and-return to regular operation,” added Crook.

The company has created its inventory of the most popular models and specific components – including MTA service beams and dressed axles -- based on prior orders' data, and is able to speed up the customization of orders, including variation of axle wall thickness, track length, brake sizes, hanger bracketry, and axle lifts. Not every available model will be stocked. New models will be added to the program based on customer order demand.

"The biggest change is that we will be more nimble and flexible in pulling the right axle-suspension, with related hardware, and ship them to customers with as the company does with its normal parts orders" said Crook.

Meritor offers customers a broad range of trailer axles and air suspension models (including MTA), along with the related brake and wheel-end systems.