Transport Capital Partners, ACT Research Combine on Survey

Oct. 15, 2014
ACT Research will contribute its expertise to the quarterly TCP Business Expectations Survey.

ACT Research will contribute its expertise to the quarterly TCP Business Expectations Survey, now in its seventh year, which has given forward-looking guidance from industry leaders through both sides of the economic cycle.

ACT Research will bring its data analysis capabilities and extensive knowledge of the commercial vehicle industry and U.S. economics to the new venture. Through this collaborative agreement, TCP and ACT Research hope to further enlighten industry participants about the direction of the American trucking market.

The trucking industry is currently experiencing a surge in growth. Capacity is tight and freight rates are on the rise. Finding and retaining quality drivers remains a challenge. New truck sales are expected to have their best year of the current cycle in 2015. Is now a good time to buy or sell a trucking company? What do the owners of truck lines see in the coming months? The Business Expectations Survey will answer these questions in regard to rates, volumes, equipment purchases, key costs of operation and more.

Said Richard Mikes, survey leader and TCP Partner, “We can view recent trends, but trucking executives are forward focused leaders. Will perception determine reality or reality determine perception? Who better to ask than industry leaders whose viewpoints are invaluable in understanding the future of trucking?”

Ken Vieth, ACT Research senior partner and general manager, said, “ACT is honored by the opportunity TCP has afforded us to be a part of this important survey.”

Carriers interested in participating should visit for more information.