Morgan unveils Cold Plate van body system

June 10, 2014

Morgan Corporation has partnered with Dole Refrigerating Company to offer an energy saving approach to van body refrigeration. 

Morgan’s Cold Plate system uses the Dole eutectic holdover plate system to provide a reliable and cost-effective way to refrigerate cargo that requires precise temperature control. Cold Plate is powered electrically, as compared to engine-driven refrigeration units, to substantially save on energy costs.  Combined with the insulation properties of Morgan’s refrigerated bodies, the blower and plate system is designed to enable products to stay cold all day in an un-opened cargo area, even under disastrous conditions such as complete power failure.  Benefits of this approach include:

·         * Saves fuel

·         * Idling is not required during stops

·         * System maintains proper and efficient body temperature;

·         * The system does not depend on engine uptime.

·         * Low maintenance cost and simple operation with minimum moving parts

·         * Simple hot gas defrost operation—plug it in at night and walk away

·         * No inaccessible parts to keep clean.

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