WABCO’s Relationship with KAMAZ Deepens in Russia

Sept. 9, 2013
WABCO Holdings Inc. (NYSE: WBC) has further expanded its relationship with KAMAZ.

WABCO Holdings Inc. (NYSE: WBC) has further expanded its relationship with KAMAZ, one of the largest manufacturers of commercial vehicles in Russia, by furnishing its newest generation of electronic braking systems (EBS) with integrated electronic stability control (ESC) for series production on KAMAZ’s new truck platform.

This additional business between WABCO and KAMAZ also marks the first time in the commercial vehicle industry in Russia that a local truck manufacturer adopts advanced EBS and ESC technologies in series production.

WABCO and KAMAZ are further expanding their partnership as KAMAZ has also engaged WABCO to supply its latest generation of electronically controlled air suspension (ECAS). WABCO began supplying ECAS to KAMAZ in 2007.

For more than a decade, WABCO has been supplying KAMAZ with anti-lock braking systems (ABS) and components for braking controls. Based on results of a tender in 2013, WABCO became KAMAZ’s sole supplier of ABS.

WABCO EBS is integrated with WABCO’s anti-lock braking function. EBS reduces braking distance and enables stable driving and steering throughout the braking procedure.

WABCO ESC increases vehicle safety by automatically intervening when the vehicle becomes unstable. ESC improves directional stability, especially during dynamic maneuvers, increasing protection against roll-over, skidding, spinning and, in tractor trailer-combinations, jack-knifing.

WABCO ECAS helps keep the vehicle’s chassis at a specified level, independent of load and road conditions. With ECAS, a constant chassis level protects cargo by reducing shocks and increases driver safety and comfort.

Headquartered in Moscow, WABCO Russia has 5 sales offices and more than 110 Service Partners across the country. From its distribution center in Moscow, WABCO supplies local manufacturers of trucks, trailers and buses as well as aftermarket customers across the whole Commonwealth of Independent States region.