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ASE Education Foundation enhances partnership with CDK Global

Feb. 1, 2023
With the donation from CDK Global, the nonprofit plans to extend their outreach to younger students and their parents

The ASE Education Foundation and CDK Global will continue its partnership in 2023, with CDK Global donating $20,000 to help increase diversity in the automotive service industry and expand outreach to younger students.

The ASE Education Foundation works with over 2,300 high schools and colleges and 5,000 instructors nationwide, promoting industry-developed training program standards, entry-level credentials, and work-based learning. The donation from CDK Global will be used to promote automotive career opportunities to underrepresented groups and students at the elementary and middle school levels.

“Our efforts positively impact the education of well over 100,000 students each year,” said Mike Coley, ASE Education Foundation president. “Thanks to the generosity of CDK Global, we will be able to enhance our programs in the coming year.”

Some of the new initiatives the ASE Education Foundation has planned for the coming year include the development and implementation of grade-appropriate lessons and projects that teachers can use to supplement math and science curriculums. These programs would demonstrate some basic, and not-so-basic, concepts found in automotive technology and would include information about various automotive career opportunities, emphasizing the fact that they are accessible and open to everyone.

In addition, age-group-appropriate activities will be developed that schools, as well as community groups like Boys and Girls Clubs, Girl Scouts and Boy Scouts, can use outside of the classroom. These activities would be hands-on projects that would educate and inspire young people to continue to explore automotive careers.

“We value our partnership with the ASE Education Foundation in its continued efforts to expand the talent pipeline of automotive service technicians through mentorship and hands-on learning programs,” said Brian MacDonald, president and chief executive officer, CDK Global. “The new outreach initiatives will provide valuable opportunities to young students and increase diversity in the upcoming workforce.”

The ASE Education Foundation has worked with CDK Global since 2019. With their support, the Foundation performed a program-wide audit in 2021, conducted by the National Alliance for Partnerships in Equity ( The results of that audit showed that the ASE Education Foundation is poised to be a positive influence in increasing the number of minorities and women in the automotive industry.

“The automotive service industry offers multiple career opportunities beyond the service bay, and most minorities are currently underrepresented,” said Coley. “This is especially true for women, who comprise 47 percent of the workforce but only two percent of service technicians and less than 10 percent of all positions in the automotive repair and maintenance industry. With CDK Global’s continued support, we are making great strides in addressing the diversity of the automotive service industry.”

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