Talbert Manufacturing Unveils Updated Traveling Axle Trailer Series

March 18, 2015
Talbert Manufacturing has updated its Traveling Axle (TA) Series by increasing its hauling capacity by five tons.

Talbert Manufacturing has updated its Traveling Axle (TA) Series by increasing its hauling capacity by five tons.

Three of the new trailer models – the 4048TA, 4050TA and 4053TA – have a 40-ton hauling capacity, and the new 5548TA and 5553TA trailer models haul as much as 55 tons. The five new trailer models will replace the others within the TA Series.

Talbert will feature the 4050TA model March 26-28 at booth 13136 in the Kentucky Exposition Center during the Mid-America Trucking Show in Louisville, Kentucky.

The added capacity on the new TA Series trailers equates to increased hauling flexibility. For example, the 4050TA now has an 80,000-pound evenly distributed capacity or a concentrated load capacity of 50,000 pounds in 10 feet. This allows haulers to expand their range of load opportunities and maximize transportation efficiency, while complying with U.S. state and Canadian province hauling requirements. 

The TA Series trailers feature a state-of-the-art, 36-inch loaded deck height. This industry-leading low deck height provides additional clearance for bridges and tunnels when transporting tall equipment. The 4050TA was the first model released in the updated TA Series with this excellent low deck height feature, and it is also California-legal, making the 4050TA an ideal West Coast hauling trailer.

The five new TA Series trailer models feature Talbert’s signature piggy-back cylinder, now with a larger diameter for faster axle travel. The new models also have an increased number of keyholes across the rear of the trailer for additional flexibility for tying down loads, an improved, lockable curbside gooseneck toolbox that includes a weather resistant door seal, as well as a chain rack and other hardware upgrades.

Another key advancement with the new TA Series trailers is the standard metal e-chain for the air and electrical lines, which now makes it both easier and less expensive to add optional dock levelers as an aftermarket option.

The TA Series trailers feature key trailer components for easy loading on its 7-degree load angle. Talbert’s standard equipment for the series includes a 15,000-pound planetary winch with a two-function, wireless remote. It assists in moving equipment on and off of the trailer by making it possible for one person to load a piece of equipment without leaving the vehicle. Talbert also offers two other upgrade options; a six-function remote and a 20,000-pound planetary winch. The six-function remote provides the operator with the ability to adjust the movement of the axles, winch and deck while loading.

The TA Series trailers come standard with double keyhole tie-down slots on top of the outside beams and recessed in the center of the main deck. For recessed tie-downs, Talbert includes a metal basket that is mounted below the deck to protect the main cylinder from excess chain.