PPG introduces PPG Powercron 160 electrocoat

PPG has now launched in North America its PPG Powercron 160 electrocoat (e-coat), a next-generation anionic epoxy coating that offers high film build and low volatile organic compound (VOC) content.

Originally formulated to achieve the unique requirements of the pipe industry and specifically engineered for cast profiles, PPG Powercron 160 uses a proprietary chemistry that enables high film builds (greater than 6 mils) over multiple substrates and pretreatment chemistries.

PPG Powercron 160 e-coat can help castings, automotive and heavy-duty equipment manufacturers and other metal finishers gain a competitive edge in environmental compliance and product performance.

“While other anionic e-coat products are limited to specific pretreatments and substrates, PPG Powercron 160 e-coat enables coaters to provide corrosion performance over multiple pretreatments and on high-profile substrates,” said Jim Gezo, PPG Substrate Protection Systems (SPS) product manager, industrial coatings. “The unique chemistry also allows these performance enhancements to be executed with a product that is lower in VOC content than other anionic technologies.”

Additional performance advantages over other anionic e-coats include cure temperatures as low as 250° F to reduce energy use and related carbon emissions, as well as excellent workability, increased exterior durability and a wide color palette.

For more information about PPG Powercron 160 e-coat, visit www.ppgindustrialcoatings.com.

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