Manac reintroduces composite van trailer

Manac reintroduces composite van trailer

Manac Inc has reintroduced the Trailmobile “UltraPlate” composite dry van.

This design, along with all manufacturing intellectual property, was acquired by Manac, from Trailmobile Corporation, in September of this year.

“This step is the next logical one following our purchase earlier this year of the production equipment and raw material following the bankruptcy of Trailmobile Canada and the subsequent acquisition from Trailmobile Corporation of all manufacturing intellectual property,” said Charles Dutil, president of Manac. “This design from Trailmobile is well accepted by the marketplace and it is a proven design. The Trailmobile brand has such a strong legacy attached to it. It has played a leadership role in the transportation industry for well over 100 years. By using our production assets and our people located in Southeast Missouri, Manac will be able to offer this design to our clients in a very competitive manner.”

The company believes that the reintroduction will help prepare Manac for growth during the next business cycle. The new product line will be offered starting in early spring 2010. The company already offers trailers for the widest product line in the heavy-duty semi trailer industry for over-the-road, construction, forestry, and agriculture transportation. The company operates two plants in Quebec, Canada, and two plants in Missouri. During normal business conditions, it employs more than 1,200 people.

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