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East European Trailer Market Grows 58% in 2011

Heavy trailer demand grew 58% in Eastern Europe in 2011, with 13 of the 15 countries over 30% and three markets at over 100%, according to consulting group CLEAR.

The stellar performer in the region was, for the second year running, Turkey, which completely recovered from the downturn of 2009 to post record trailer demand in 2010 and 2011. This makes Turkey the largest trailer market in Eastern Europe and likely to remain so until overtaken by Russia again in the long term, with Poland relegated to third place. In fact, in 2011 Turkey was the largest market anywhere in Europe other than Germany.

Over the next five years the trailer parc will grow by an average of 6.2%, which is far higher than the figure for Western Europe.

“The outlook for East European new trailer demand in 2012 has not changed – like Western Europe there will be a fall in the market,” said Gary Beecroft, managing director of CLEAR. “However, the prospects for 2013/14 have brightened and are better than forecast last year. Turkey looked overheated in 2011, but if planned investments go ahead, it will enhance its position as a major trailer manufacturing centre over the next few years.”

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