Reader advocates letting industry’s companies confront, resolve issues

Oct. 5, 2016
Letter to the Editor

Dear Editor,

Liked your editorial August 2016 in Trailer/Body Builders magazine, and it shows again that even well-intentioned regulations do have consequences. It just shows that governments try, but fail, and it would be better to leave businesses to work out their issues.

Has the EPA really done  good for the environment and the economy?

Has the NHTSA really done a real improvement for safety?

You point out just one area that is somewhat misguided. Others are mileage requirements that no one can meet, food regulations that are questionable, monetary restrictions that backfire, and so on.

Let the industry work on regulations and get global input to areas that are new.

Further, the side underride regulations, needed for sure, could also allow more storage under the rails if done correctly. The space is to be covered and reinforced; why not use it for transporting smaller cargo, like postal items? Yes, a change in regulations is needed, but maybe a moneymaker for some.

What about allowing more aerodynamics for trailers? Improve mileage and safety to haulers.

Most of all, get truck builders and trailer manufacturers to work together to improve highway cargo hauling. Now we have a tractor, and we add a trailer. They could be viewed as one unit and made to be more economical and safer.  Use it with transport systems on ships, rails, and whatever. Think transportation, not as individual units of enterprise. Modularity can be global and interchangeable, if sound minds think it through.

Please push for a greater transport issues, not just what we have now. Better highways, safer roads, more modularity, electric and autonomous cargo transport, and cost savings for all. Keep informing the industry with your good magazine. Thanks for your service.

Henry Sommerstorfer
Clinton Township, Mich