Weldcraft WP-225 helps reduce inventory

Fabrication logo To provide flexibility to weld without purchasing or changing torches, Weldcraft offers its WP-225 modular flex-neck torch package. Designed for shop use on water-cooled applications, the WP-225 allows welding operators to customize a single torch into multiple configurations and features interchangeable components that help minimize parts inventory.

The WP-225 comes standard with WP-9 and WP-17 series 70-degree heads (9-70 and 1726), a handle, and the choice of vinyl, HD vinyl, or braided rubber power cable, water and gas hoses in 12.5- or 25-foot lengths. Optional torch heads for the torch include the 9-90, 9P, 24, 1726P, and 24-90.

Using both standard and optional torch heads, welding operators can configure the WP-225 into seven different styles, while the flex-neck allows additional access to difficult welding angles. There is no need to change torches for different applications.

The WP-225 also offers water-cooling capabilities that allow continuous performance with less concern of torch overheating. Weldcraft rates the torch at 160 to 225 amps DC and 115 to 160 amps AC at 100% duty cycle depending on the style of torch head.

Weldcraft also offers its AK-225 MFC (Modular Flex Complete) kit, which allows welders to customize the WP-225 into an additional five torch styles. The AK-225 MFC kit includes collets, collet bodies, tungsten, alumina and lava nozzles, five torch heads (9-90, 9P, 24, 1726P, and 24-90) to create additional custom TIG configurations. All components are genuine Weldcraft 10N, 13N, and 24 Series front-end parts.

For more information, contact Weldcraft at 800-752-7620 or 920-882-6800, or visit www.weldcraft.com.

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