Strippit P-1525 can handle large pieces

LVD Strippit introduces the Strippit P-1525, a 20-metric-ton CNC turret punch press designed to efficiently handle large or oversize workpieces up to 60" × 98.4" (1524 × 2500 mm). Larger sheets can be processed with clamp repositioning.

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Part of the Strippit P-Series of punch presses, the P-1525 delivers up to 270 hits per minute on 1" (25.4 mm) centers, and up to 600 hits per minute in nibble mode. The machine provides a ± .004" (0.1 mm) finished part accuracy and ± .002" (0.05 mm) finished part repeatability. It processes material thicknesses up to 0.135" (3.5 mm) mild steel and up to 0.250" (6.35 mm) aluminum.

A servo-driven hydraulic ram offers control of the ram position to achieve a high punching rate. Parameters are easily accessed and changed to provide forming characteristics.

The advanced hydraulic drive system reduces noise and shock to increase machine longevity and reduce tool wear.

A direct-drive axes configuration provides tight tolerances. This design better controls both part tolerance and repeatability to eliminate backlash and wear for repeatable accuracy and reliability.

The P-1525 features a 21-station thick-style turret with all turret stations keyed for maximum tool load flexibility. This versatile turret design allows every station to accept shaped or round punches and dies, reducing set-up time.

The machine is standard with three 2" (50.8 mm) auto-index stations. Each station accepts tools up to 2" (50.8 mm) in diameter, including wheel-style or scribing tools.

A full .984" (25 mm) feed clearance between the upper and lower turret allows for production of higher forms such as lances, louvers, embossments or card guides.

The P-1525 turret is equipped with replaceable hardened steel guide bushings for accurate punch and die alignment, eliminating the need to rebore the turret. Hardened outboard shot pins provide precise alignment of punch and die.

A large tool door allows easy access to the turret for tool loading. Quick-change die holders also reduce set-up time.

Optional CADMAN software provides automatic unfolding of 3D SAT and IGES files, and auto-nesting full support for all standard and advanced punching functions.

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