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Scotchman Industries Inc celebrates four decades of Hydraulic Ironworkers

Fabrication logo In 2007, Scotchman Industries Inc, based in Philip SD, is celebrating 40 years of machine tool manufacturing of its Hydraulic Ironworker line.

Arthur Kroetch, founder of the company, bought the patent for the original ironworker from its inventor in 1967. This machine changed the process of cutting, bending, and punching holes in steel. The machine uses hydraulic pressure to cut or punch steel rather than sawing or drilling, to accomplish the same results in a fraction of the time for other methods.

Scotchman started with one 35-ton hydraulic ironworker and has developed a line of 11 units, ranging from 45 to 150 tons. The most versatile design is the Scotchman component tool design. The component tool ironworker allows the operator to use several different tools including punch, angle shear, channel shear, solid round and square rod shear, flat bar shear, rectangle notchers, 90 degree V notchers, press brakes, pipe notcher, tube shear, and available special tooling. These machines are designed as single- or dual-operator machines. Scotchman also manufactures fully integrated ironworkers, which have five built-in tools consisting of a punch, angle shear, flat bar shear, round and square rod shear and a rectangle notcher, as well as available optional equipment and special tooling. The fully integrated style is also offered in single- or dual-operator models.

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