Rumber Materials Bought by Brother-Led Group

After twenty years under the leadership of the Fischer family, composite materials manufacturer Rumber Materials Inc will be guided by a group led by brothers Brian and William Adams.

Fabrication logo The group will keep the company’s Muenster, Texas, plant open, with several plans for expanding the company’s growing business into new areas.

“We greatly admire the excitement and dedication we see at Rumber,” said Brian Adams, CEO of Rumber. “From our very first visit to Muenster, it was apparent that each and every employee truly cares about the products being produced. You can see it in the results and in how they have conducted their business.”

Rumber Materials manufactures composite boards, sheets and molded products from 100% recycled tire rubber and plastics. The company name is a combination of the words “rubber” and “lumber.” The environmentally friendly products are stronger and more durable than wood, making them well suited for a variety of industrial and agricultural applications.

Rumber products are currently used in livestock equipment, oil and gas, military, aviation and marine applications. The only by-product from the production of the materials is steam.

The Adams brothers will maintain the company’s manufacturing facility and staff in Muenster, Texas. They will continue producing all of Rumber’s product lines, and they hope to expand into a variety of new applications.

“Strong and durable Rumber products have served countless hard-working people in a variety of applications for more than two decades,” said William Adams, COO of Rumber. “Combine that with the steadily growing demand for environmentally friendly, 100% recycled products, and there are opportunities to maintain and grow our business for generations to come.”

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