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Weldcraft torches fit most any configuration

Fabrication logo Designed to meet the demands of continuous mechanized TIG welding in confined and harsh environments, Weldcraft offers the WP-22 and WP-23 lines of machine torches. These torches fit nearly any fixture configuration.

Both torches feature front or back tungsten loading and tightening and a heavy-duty power cable that can withstand tough environments. Optional gas lenses are available for all four WP-22 and WP-23 torch models.

The WP-22 is a water-cooled torch rated to 250 amps at 100 percent duty cycle. The WP-22A is 7¾“ long and uses a 7“ tungsten electrode. The WP-22B torch is 4½“ long and takes 3“ electrodes. Both torches accept tungsten ranging from .040“- to 1/8“ diameter.

Ideal for thin material applications with V-Block mounting fixtures, the air-cooled WP-23 line of torches are rated to 150 amps at 60 percent duty cycle. Available either as the 7¾“ WP-23A torch or the 4½“ WP-23B torch, with corresponding 7“ or 3“ tungsten sizes, this series of torches features consumables (excluding the collets) that are interchangeable with the WP-20 manual torch series.

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CobraMig 400P works with Cobramatic

MK Products introduces the CobraMig 400P, a pulsed MIG welding power source that works with the Cobramatic wire feed push-pull technology.

Exclusive CobraMig 400P software algorithms allow for hard wire and aluminum welding when using the Cobramatic wire feed cabinet (Model 150-006). Wave pulse functions of the CobraMig 400P allow for TIG-like welds on aluminum. Wave pulse uses superimposed low-frequency pulse for hard and soft aluminum, which has been proven to reduce porosity and crack susceptibility. The frequency of wave is adjustable from 0.5 to 30 Hz.

The CobraMig 400P and the Cobramatic system are completely synergic as programmed. Wire feed speed, amperage, and arc voltage are commanded by the wire speed potentiometer in the push-pull welding gun. Wave pulse and arc control are simple adjustments on the CobraMig 400P operation panel.

E-mail Ericka Rodriguez at [email protected] for more information.

ArcWorld arc welding systems debut

Motoman's ArcWorld V-OC-6200[6300]XHD family of integrated arc welding systems includes two or three robots ceiling-mounted from an overhead structure, freeing floorspace below the robots and behind the positioner for automated material handling equipment.

ArcWorld V-OC-6200XHD (two-robots) and ArcWorld V-OC-6300XHD (three-robots) systems feature Motoman EA-series “Expert Arc” welding robots with integrated upper arm cabling, advanced robot controller, integrated welding package, high-speed three-axis AC servo-controlled “ferris-wheel” type positioner, operator interface, and a total safety environment.

The MRM2-1200M3X part positioner has a 1,200-kg capacity per side and three servo axes for high-speed positioning. Coordinated motion is standard between robots and positioner axes. One servo motor is used to rotate the trunion axis, while two additional servo motors are used to rotate the orbital axis independent of the trunion. Total time required to index the part into a weld position is 3.25 seconds. The M3X positioner can position the operator load axis ±360 degrees in 2.5-degree increments to provide more ergonomic part loading and unloading. The load station can be jogged using a “joystick” to improve part loading position and tacking.

A multiple-robot ArcWorld system is controlled by a master controller to provide fast and easy integration between robots and controllers. One programming pendant simplifies programming and provides a single point of control for all axes.

E-mail Danielle Allen at [email protected] for more information.

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