PALFINGER Introduces Two New Crane Models To North American Market

Fabrication logo PALFINGER has introduced the newest models in the 20 meter-ton class: the PK 23502 and the PK 26002-EH, featuring the Power Link linkage system, which allows operators a uniform lifting capacity over their entire work area.

The knuckle boom, which is capable of tilting upwards 15 degrees (Power Link Plus), enables maximum movement geometry and also tremendously broadens the type of work the crane can do.

The "EH" model comes equipped with the innovative HPLS technology. With E-HPLS, the crane speed can be reduced and the lifting capacity increased at the same time. In addition, the electronic regulation of the high-end control valve allows for optimal multi-controllability. That means several crane functions can be operated simultaneously.

The PK 23502 has a maximum lifting moment of 162,030 ft-lbs and the PK 26002-EH, a lifting moment of 179,950 ft-lbs. Equipped with up to 8 hydraulic booms, both cranes attain the enormous hydraulic outreach of 69 feet, 11 inches.

Synthetic covers and internally routed hydraulic hoses are not only more aesthetically pleasing but also primarily serve to protect both the operator and the crane system. Synthetic covers protect sensitive crane parts against dirt and damage. As a result, they reduce service and maintenance costs and considerably extend the life of the loading crane.

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